The Soul Snatchers: Prologue

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Before the Fairies existed to answer human fears, the mother of creations offered two choices for all men, after her embodiment in two forms defeated the four brothers. Although she wished that all humans be kind and virtuous, she knew there inevitably would be a few seeking the material possessions long lost in the darkness. The two choices she offered were to either be virtuous or immoral in nature. Most wise men believed that virtuousness is only valued because of the immoral and they quoted it “Only in the darkness shall light pave way and only in ignorance can one desecrate a day.”

Men are the brightest of all creations but their resolute is weak without a purpose and so the choices were given by the Mother.

While men who chose being virtuous, held their icon as Olrin, the symbol of knowledge and the master who defeated the Great Dream led their lives helping each other and wished for nothing more than peace and bliss. While the men who chose the dark powers held their icon as Archen and their driving desire was unyielding power and eternal life. ​ Since ages, both these choices were balanced but as years passed by, most humans supported Olrin. The world for the first time witnessed an imbalance and most men believed that a war was near and that it would certainly not lead to a happy ever after.





This contribution is created by R. S. Chintalapati, edited by R. K. Chamarla & illustrated by Nisha Yadav.



This novelette is available in paperback & ebook.

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