Your Loving Intern: Chapter I

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Unexpected Meeting

As the sun woke up, I picked up my luggage before saying, “Goodbye mom.”

She held my hand affectionately before reminding me, “Eat healthy food and make sure you eat on time.”

Assuring her that I would, I sat on the back seat of Rithika’s scooter. On our journey to the bus stop, Rithika said, “It seems to me that I will be missing a lot of fun.”

Holding my heavy bag, I replied, “You have had enough fun last summer during your internship Rithika. Anyway, we won’t be able to enjoy as much as you computer science students do.”

Defending her field of study, Rithika replied, “There is more to computer science than a laptop and luxurious office environment Naina.”

Though I wanted to disagree, I remained silent. The cold breeze made me want to sleep again. As we reached the bus stop, Rithika wished me before I boarded my bus, “Safe journey Naina. Either call or message me when you reach.”

Nodding my head in acceptance, I boarded the bus to travel from Konchi to Jamelpur. Settling down, I recalled my college trip. As soon as my journey began, the bus conductor started distributing water bottles.

While I took a bottle, I noticed the Sun’s rays touching me through the closed window. I opened the window to embrace the sunrise and welcome the fresh air.

A moment later, I pulled out my earphones from the handbag to listen to my usual playlist. While listening to music, the only thought that lingered in my mind was, “What would our supervisor say as my friends and I are late by two days.”

A few moments later I started thinking about the reason why I had to undergo this internship in the first place. Later, I started blaming myself for the decision to do engineering in the first place. If truth be told, I honestly never wanted to be an engineer, but in reality, was given no other option by my mother.

Regarding my internship, it was forced by the college curriculum that every student must do an internship before completing their course. As I kept wondering about various issues in my life, the cold air and the pleasant climate made me fall asleep.

A few hours later, I got up as the bus driver announced, “In a few moments, we would reach Jamelpur central bus stop.”

Picking up my luggage, I called Meera after reaching the Jamelpur bus stop. She answered my call, “I am waiting in the two-wheelers parking area.”

Looking up directions, I reached the parking area to see Meera waving her hand. As soon as I reached her, she asked, “So how was your journey?”

Placing my luggage on her scooter, I replied, “I don’t remember. Was asleep during the journey.”

She chuckled before starting her scooter. As the scooter turned on, she exclaimed, “You should have come with me two days ago Naina but you refused. You said you wanted to spend more time with your mother.”

Sitting in the back seat, I replied, “My mother would kill me if I left as soon as my holidays were declared.”

She grinned before mentioning, “I have asked my mother to cook chicken for dinner. So a delicious dinner awaits us!”

As much as I wanted to thank her, I couldn’t. Meera is like family. I have never hesitated in sharing my secrets with her, and honestly, I am blessed to have Meera and Rithika in my life.

As the sun bid goodbye and the moon took its shift, both of us reached Meera’s place in twenty minutes. As I entered her home, Meera’s mother was waiting for us. Looking at me, aunty said, “So you are Naina! Finally, I get to see you after three years.”

While I smiled, aunty continued by saying, “You guys freshen up. Meanwhile, I would set up the table for dinner.”

As I walked in, I saw Shiva playing cricket on his PlayStation. This was the first time I have met him in person. He was Meera’s twin brother. Taking my luggage and placing it in Meera’s room, I took a shower and was all set for dinner.

As soon as I arrived at the dining table, I could see that dinner was already served. Noticing the delicious-looking chicken, I sat beside Meera and both of us started eating.

The chicken was perfectly cooked. It was more than what I was expecting. Meanwhile, I could hear aunty instructing Shiva to join us. Finishing his game, he walked to the dinner table. While Shiva started eating his dinner for some reason he was looking at me once in a while. Honestly, I felt impressed.

A moment later, he said, “Hello, I am Shiva.”

I replied back by saying, “Hello my name is Naina.”

With a smile on his face, Shiva said, “My sister talks a lot about you when she is here.”

Not bothering about what Meera told him, I asked, “Are you a student Shiva?”

Since his mouth was stuffed with food, he could not talk clearly. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Meera sarcastically added, “My talented twin is currently completing his MBA.”

After swallowing his chicken, Shiva exclaimed, “At least your talented twin is punctual unlike you.”

Both of us could not say a word back. Meanwhile, Meera’s mother arrived from the kitchen and offered more chicken. Feeling full, I refused. Following my refusal, aunty remarked, “How will you be able to work if you don’t eat enough food?”

I just smiled, not knowing what to say. As soon as we finished our dinner, we went to Meera’s room. Shiva helped his mother in the kitchen and later brought me an extra pillow and blanket. However, before I could thank him, he had already left.

We took selfies making weird faces after Meera closed the door and turned on her music player. With the music on, no one could stop us. Both of us danced until we got tired. Looking into the mirror, we felt bad about the pimples on our faces and the body fat we had accumulated.

In the end, before lying down on the bed, as always we talked about the qualities we expected in our husbands. As soon as we slept beside each other, Meera said, “I wish my Heat and Mass Transfer paper would be cleared.”

I was too tired to even ask for anything and soon enough we both fell asleep. The next day, Meera woke up at 8 a.m., got ready and woke me up. Both of us were ready by 9:30 a.m. Since the reporting time was 10 a.m. every day, we started to have our breakfast which was just four bread slices with jam.

Meera called Alokya and Neel instructed them to join us at the front gate. Finally, we started travelling on Meera’s scooter and reached Ragan Industries ten minutes early. At the entrance, we were asked by the guards to show our IDs and internship approvals.

After the documents were verified, we were asked to report to Mr Yugandhar. Looking up directions to reach his cabin, all four of us walked through the well-gardened area of the company.

Within a short span of time, all four of us reached Mr Yugandhar’s cabin. Staring at us, he asked us, “So you are the interns who wish to join late?”

Meera replied, “Yes sir.”

He then asked, “Did you guys bring a letter from your principal justifying your reason for the delay?”

I immediately replied, “Do we need that?”

He laughed before saying, “Do you think we would let you join late without a valid written reason? Honestly, you guys can leave if you don’t have the letter.”

While all of us heard him, Neel asked, “But we weren’t informed about this sir?”

Looking at Neel, Yugandhar stated, “I’m sorry but you won’t be starting your internship without the letterhead.”

I got frustrated since it wasn’t our mistake. However, considering the complete internship, this wasn’t even the beginning. I would say it was just a hiccup.





This contribution is created by Nikhila Kotni & R. S. Chintalapati, edited by Ahna Sahi, Apoorva Singh, & Sreeraj Kolora and photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This novella is available in paperback & ebook.

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