Your Loving Intern: Chapter II

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Love At First Sight?

Dejected on being rejected, all four of us exited the room. Thinking about what we could do, Neel came up with an idea.

Looking at the rest of us, he said, “Hey girls, I have a plan. It might help us attend the internship after all.”

Curious to know his idea, Meera asked, “Alright Neel. What is your plan?” As the rest of us paid attention, Neel stated, “We can ask one of our friends to meet our principal and seek the attested letter through him.”

​All the six mascara-clad eyelashes rose to point at Neel. Relaxed listening to Neel’s idea, our eyes slowly lit up.

Meanwhile, Neel continued by saying, “We could later ask our friend to send us a scanned copy.”

Before he completed his sentence, all the rosy lipstick-smeared lips went berserk shouting, “Our internship isn’t cancelled!”

All of us appreciated Neel for his presence of mind. It took us a few hours to get the attested letter through one of our friends and everyone felt rejuvenated since the situation was back in our control.

Together, we entered Yugandhar’s chamber again to submit the attested letter that we had obtained.

Reading the letter, Yugandhar stated, “The letter says, since your semester exams have been postponed, you are starting your internship a few days late.”

All of us nodded before Yugandhar said, “That seems like a valid reason. However, this letter doesn’t seem like a valid one.”

I was personally tired. Even after everything we had done, we weren’t permitted. Staring at me, Yugandhar said, “This is a scanned letter. For submission, we will need a real document.”

After a moment of silence, Neel wanted to say something but interrupting him, Yugandhar said, “However, since you have submitted the necessary documentation, for now, I will permit you to start your internship.”

All of us were elated when he mentioned, “Still, I would need the original letter within a week. Failing to submit, I would have no other choice but to cancel your internship.”

While all of us nodded our heads agreeing with Mr Yugandhar, Meera said, “Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.”

Placing our letter in a form, Yugandhar instructed, “You would start your internship at the Welding Department. Enquire its location and report to the department as soon as you can.”

Walking back to the guards near the entrance, we enquired about the directions for the Welding Department. As we walked ahead, I could feel the shade of the trees and the cool breeze striking me which was both relaxing and comforting.

The feeling of excitement was creeping into all of us as we entered the Welding Department’s administrative office. Right at the reception, we were greeted with a smile by Ajay Singh.

He said, “Mr Yugandhar just called. Are you the students who’ve come late for the internship?”

As Meera replied, “Yes sir,” he smiled.

Looking at Neel, Ajay Singh instructed, “The person you have to meet is Mr Vimal Deshpande. You will find him in Room No. 13.”

While I thanked him, he mentioned, “Please be polite and patient. I hope you guys have a wonderful time.”

Feeling welcome, we started looking for Room No.13, as we walked into the corridor with rooms on either side. As soon as we found the room, we could see the door wide open. Only God knew what lay in store for us.

Standing near the door, Alokya sought permission to enter the room. I could see a middle-aged man with a clean-shaven face and military hairstyle sitting in his chair behind a huge desk, working. He was too busy to even shoot a glance at us. Ten minutes had passed by and we were still waiting for his attention.

I was tired. Especially, by the way, the officials in the company were treating us. Unable to take it any longer, I knocked on the door before saying, “Excuse me, sir. Can we please come in?”

Even though there was a hindrance from my friends, I felt it was pointless to be waiting near the door.

Looking at me now, Deshpande replied, “Yes. Please come in.”

As we stood before him, he started working again. While continuing to write, he asked, “Can one of you please tell me the duration of your internship?”

Looking at the rest of us remaining silent, Neel replied, “Thirty days sir.”

Placing his pen aside, Deshpande asked, “And what do you guys want to do in these thirty days?”

Considering the question to be pointless, Alokya replied, “Acquire knowledge about all the departments in this plant sir.”

Controlling his smile, Deshpande exclaimed, “Don’t you think it is a short period of time to be able to comprehend everything that is done in this industry?” Again, silence prevailed.

Staring at us being silent, Deshpande instructed, “So since today’s working hours are almost done and I have got some work to complete, take a look at the manuals on the bookshelf. They explain the operations in the Welding Department, try to comprehend the uses.”

Relieved of being assigned no work, all of us left the chamber after Alokya and Meera thanked Deshpande.

I honestly didn’t want to read manuals but it wasn’t my place to object to instruction and before long, we were permitted to leave.

The next day, Deshpande instructed us to continue reading the manuals. He stated, “I don’t think you guys have spent enough time reading the manuals. So take a few hours today to continue reading them.”

As instructed, we started reading the manuals one after another, but almost all of us reached a point where we couldn’t continue. Reading them was so tiresome.

I will admit that none of us expected novels but at the least, we hoped these manuals would be a bit more interesting. To add to this all of us were hungry and it was way past lunchtime.

Just then, Mr Ajay Singh came into our room. He was smiling as usual when he asked, “Hey kids, still reading? You guys are doing a wonderful job!”

I smirked looking at my manual not understanding how to respond. Meanwhile, Meera nudged me intending to tell me that Mr Singh was staring at me.

Continuing his smile, Ajay Singh said, “Looking at your grim faces I can presume that you are tired. I guess you are hungry.”

As soon as he mentioned the word ‘hungry’, energy spilt out from within us. Clapping his hand, Ajay Singh said, “So please take a break and get back to the office by 3 p.m.”

All four of us left as soon as we could. Though the canteen was located far away, our hunger made us rush. As we walked, I couldn’t help but wonder, “How could forty-five minutes be enough to travel, eat and return?”

Though I wanted to mention it to my friends, I just stayed silent not wanting to start a discussion. As soon as we reached the canteen, I checked my watch to see the time which was already 2:30 p.m.

While Meera and Neel brought four meals from the counter, Alokya and I reserved a table for the four of us. Tasting the half-boiled potato curry and oily eggplant curry, Meera and Alokya vowed to not eat lunch in the canteen ever again.

Personally, I didn’t care. I hoped to satisfy my hunger no matter how the food tasted. Finished my lunch within fifteen minutes, and all of us waited for Neel.

Meanwhile, I happened to see a very thin and lean guy standing beside the counter, looking at me. I shrugged him off and left within the next five minutes. By the time we reached back, it was already 3:15 p.m.

Though we were again greeted with a smile by Ajay Singh, as soon as we entered Mr Deshpande’s cabin, he shouted, “What were you guys doing in the canteen for so long?”

Surprised by the way he was shouting at us, all four of us remained silent. Meanwhile, Deshpande continued by saying, “You are not done with the work I have assigned you guys. Don’t take advantage of our leniency.”

While I wondered, “Leniency? Is he high?”

He continued, “Now get back to your work and complete reading the manuals. Report to me within an hour!”

Settling back in our places, we started reading the reports. I could see Meera and Alokya trembling due to Deshpande’s sudden outburst. Though I couldn’t really understand why I played along.

Continuing to read, I spent the next half hour hating myself and the whole purpose of the internship. When I started thinking about who was the cause of all this, I couldn’t help but redirect all my anger towards Mr Vimal Deshpande. Deciding to end my troubles, I walked to the adjacent room’s entrance and knocked on the door.

Looking at me, Deshpande questioned, “I’ve told you to complete reading right?”

Not knowing my intentions, my friends put aside their manuals and rushed towards me. Without even entering his cabin, I asked, “I was wondering if you would teach us something?”

Listening to my question, Deshpande smiled before replying in his stern tone, “Maybe I would. However, you must complete your assignment before expecting something from me.”

Unable to listen to his stupid reasoning, I replied, “What’s the use of reading the manual sir? We have come to the industry to learn about the operations and working of the machines. If you aren’t teaching the operation of tools, or in the worst case, if you are not even showing us the instruments, I don’t see the point of us doing an internship.”

Putting his pen aside and looking at me, Deshpande replied, “I’m sure you would be shown the instruments in the coming days and in reality, they would be no different than your illustrations in textbooks.”

Supporting my argument, Neel mentioned, “But sir our internship is just for thirty days. We are currently finishing our second day without learning anything in terms of practical knowledge. Do you think this is fair?”

Standing up from his chair and walking towards his bookshelf, Deshpande replied, “I am not the one calling a tour an internship student. Either your college or our company doesn’t really understand the difference between an industrial tour and an internship.”

Hoping for a change, I asked, “Blaming a company or university isn’t going to help us, sir. Please let us learn something during our stay here.”

Settling back in his chair, Deshpande replied, “If you want to do an internship, continue reading the reports. If you want to take a tour, I would say, you are dealing with the wrong person.”

Unable to bear him any longer, I left. My friends followed me. Just while passing by Mr Singh’s desk, I saw a person standing before the Welding Department. He was in his mid-twenties probably, tall and muscular with a perfect jawline. He looked like a film star. He was so handsome that words couldn’t describe him.

I was mesmerized by checking out this mighty and muscular guy. The smile on his face was like an ornament to a woman’s bare neck. I could feel my surroundings suddenly become magical and then… SNAP!

I was brought back to my senses when Ajay Singh said, “Cool it down, students. Mr Vimal Deshpande is just brutally honest.”

With a smile on his face, Neel replied, “We have noticed sir. That’s why we fed Deshpande sir with some of his own medicine.”

Controlling his smile, Ajay Singh continued by saying, “Don’t worry students. I will arrange a meeting with Mr Pratap in the Shells Department tomorrow. Is that ok?”

Though I could hear Mr Ajay Singh speak, I didn’t pay attention. I wondered, “Is this feeling called love?”

While Meera replied, “Thank you, sir. It would be really helpful.”

Alokya looked at me for a few moments before asking me, “Are you blushing?”

Not wanting to be caught, I thanked Mr Ajay Singh and started walking without answering Alokya.





This contribution is created by Nikhila Kotni & R. S. Chintalapati, edited by Ahna Sahi, Apoorva Singh, & Sreeraj Kolora and photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This novella is available in paperback & ebook.

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