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Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Rarely does love end with the same sweetness it started. Often, it ends, leaving a bitter taste and tainted memories.

“Bittersweet” by Manognya Bethapudi talks about the short-termed sweetness of new love that fizzles out over time, leaving a bitter aftertaste. It expresses the poet’s thoughts on this very human experience.

Cover Photo by Prabhath Narapareddy

I shed tears for the loss of a chance at happiness But I forget that it was never mine, to begin with. I sigh as he leaves But I’m secretly glad of that as well. He moves from flower to flower like a slow breeze But even as I wait expectantly I know I was never a flower I look up at every sound hoping that it is him and not silly me But always it is someone else and never him. He smiles and I forget my carefully built walls But I know I have to build them again and again He asks and I give But never get back He speaks and I forget my thoughts But never do I find them again His eyes find mine But his heart never will...



This contribution is photographed by Prabhath Narapareddy.


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