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Fickle Minded Romeo

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

They say it isn’t right to pick a flower if you love it. The flower is now in your tender care, loved and appreciated for, but is set on a path to wither eventually from the moment you decided to make it yours, altering a part in you that wished you hadn’t caused it.

Would it be right then to leave it in the hope that it would serve a higher purpose or pick it up, only to cherish a few moments while in each other’s presence? “Fickle Minded Romeo” by Jeevan Kumar Jose is a tale of a lover faced with the dilemma of encountering a woman who is all he imagines to be.

Cover Photo by Ravindra Patoju

Rushing down the stairs, I stood there slowing my pace A glimpse of your face, with the breeze decorating your hair I see that you are already looking at me, managing a smile. Though it took a while, you eventually smiled, With your arms folded standing there across the wall, You are looking down, blushing! My beautiful doll. Are you shy? I can’t believe what I am seeing, I have craved for this moment. Am I dreaming? My heart is flying, as I stand in delight. And I take my first step into your world, take me inside. As we talk and I see your face illuminate It’s hard to not look, cause you are so filled with grace I really love your hair. How do you do it? Turns out we have so much in common. Yes, I knew it. We laugh, walk and play every day Even talk till it’s too late, cause there is always too much to say The movies, the rides and all the places we go Doing things we never did ever before With you, I see myself as a different me. Feel like a pigeon set out of a cage, I am carefree These moments, we are living in, I wish they would stay, Just you and me, We were meant to be this way. Time slips away and we see that our lives have changed What has time done to you and me that made us persons we never imagined to be I want you but I need my life back too So I try to balance, but this situation is too much of a challenge. Your feelings get hurt, and girl we are failing These obligations turn into chains, I can’t be bailing My commitment seems too hard to handle, I am afraid We should have never happened, a grave mistake! So, I am back to the present, to where it all began You are looking down and I run as fast as I can Right now I am the dumbest guy or the most sensible one How should I know, I can’t take the risk, so I let you go I guess it’s better to leave some stones unturned. Cause the fear of failure makes me discern, it’s better to be cold than getting burned. This vision I’ve seen brought division Believe me, I know it seems like a myopic vision I can feel your eyes seeking my attention And hear your heart screaming out my name But I wear this mask of pride and push you away Trust me, this is not what you want, I’ll be out of your way Cause neither of us is regular guy And this feeling is just pain in disguise Part of me still wants you, deep inside So I sink those shots in, cause I know I am in your sight I am a mystery to myself, what is this feeling? This is the only logical conclusion, that I believe in Guess this pigeon has to stay, inside this cage I hope you’ll understand, not now, maybe someday!​





This contribution is photographed by Ravindra Patoju & acted by Manohar Koviri.



This poem is available in paperback & ebook.

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