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Detective GovindaM

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Cover Photos by Kevin Braun

Govind Mellachervu, a.k.a Detective GovindaM, is a law graduate who became a cop and works in the crime investigation department. His observation skills and presence of mind have helped numerous victims.

“Detective GovindaM” by V. K. Telkepalli is a collection of five cases between 2005 and 2015 called The Master Copy, Axe Slayer, A Suspicious Husband, The Inner Man, & Curious Case of Mr. Eknath. They showcase how Govind grew up hunting criminals and facing the harsh reality of life over the years.


Case I

A professor is missing along with the master copy of a question paper for an upcoming exam. Commissioned for the job, Govind is fascinated by the case and intends to do more than usual.

“The Master Copy” is the first case of Detective Govind that shows how the detectives do not always succeed in finding their killers while also showcasing the bond between Ankitha, Govind & Sharma.


Case II

Mr Maniratnam, a businessman, gets killed in the middle of the night & his head is taken by his killer. When the Police are called, they summon Detective Govind to get some help in finding the killer.

“The Axe Slayer” is the second case of Detective Govindam, where the budding detective collaborates with Inspector Sharma and Ankitha to find the mysterious killer of Mr Maniratnam, while learning the treacherous past of his victim.


Case III

After finding out about his wife’s affair, a suspicious husband confronts her before having a heated discussion and parting ways for the night. However, unable to control himself, the husband acts impulsively, sealing his fate.

“A Suspicious Husband” by V. K. Telkepalli is the third case in which Detective Govind deals with having an unexpected ending with confessions that are trustworthy and not at the same time.


Case IV

Govind’s years of work have earned him a reputation in the department. His next case is about finding a blood spatter expert from the forensic team who goes missing. At the same time, he is suspected to be a murderer.

“The Inner Man” by V K Telkepalli narrates the fourth case of Detective Govind, where he catches a criminal using his unconventional ways with the help of Subash & Ankitha.


Case V

A renowned criminal mind in the city was attempting an exam from jail. But in a turn of events, he attacked in prison. Detective Govind is summoned to investigate; to him, it looks like an escape setup.

“Curious Case of Mr Eknath” by V. K. Telkepalli is the fifth case where Detective Govind meets an old friend and struggles to keep feelings out of his profession.

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