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Eternal Bond

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

To fall in love with someone and meet the right one is not always the same. Rarely does an individual find both in one person & to those who do, what’s the price they can pay to make it work?

“Eternal Bond” by Rajiv R Nair is the narration of a boy who falls in love with the right one. However, the cost the couple has to pay to make their relationship work is to walk past the belief system their parents have raised them with until then.

Illustrated by Nandini Jalan


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This contribution is reviewed by Edlyn ​D’souza, edited by Tarun Chintam, proofread by R. S. Chintalapati & illustrated by Nandini Jalan.



This novelette is available in paperback & ebook.


Chapter I

Popping the Question “Aashritha!” called out Arjun from his room, “It’s already half-past nine, and you’re still lying on the bed!”

Arjun just got out of the shower and started putting on his clothes, getting ready for his thesis presentation. It was a bright morning, and Arjun was excited for the day, and he was confident about his thesis and intended to make it an unforgettable day.

He put on his white shirt, reached out to his mobile charger and connected his phone. Picking out the best tie, he stood in front of the mirror and struggled to tie the perfect knot.

“Good morning, Arjun”, said Aashritha, rubbing her dreamy eyes, noticing Arjun struggling with his tie.

Turning to notice her smiling for a moment, Arjun replied, “Oh, Good morning, madam!” while continuing to fiddle with his tie mirror again, turning towards the mirror.

She walks up to him, takes the tie from his hands and moves between him and the mirror to tie the Windsor Knot. Noticing her smile, Arjun plants a kiss on the forehead, and she wishes him good luck.

Picking his laptop, mobile, chargers and a portable power bank, Arjun reached the door before Aashritha passed him his blazer. Thanking her, Arjun whispered, “We need to talk when I get back.”

Nodding in agreement, Aashritha bid him goodbye and closed the door before dozing off again.

It was a perfect morning with a slight breeze and not-so-hot weather. Arjun walked up to his professor’s office with a beaming smile and walked out of the office three hours later with the same smile, but only this time, his smile shone brighter. He started walking back home as if he had other important things to do.

As he passed the cafeteria, David, a batchmate who took a couple of courses with him, asked, “Arjun, how did the presentation go?”

Arjun was thrilled with excitement and replied, “It went well, I guess. I felt my professor was content, and he asked me to complete the rest of the formalities.”

As David congratulated him, Arjun’s phone started buzzing. Hoping to get going, Arjun replied, “Thank you! We should party after your presentation, and I will write to you.”

As David nodded in agreement, Arjun bid him goodbye to pick up the call from his mother. Before anything, he heard, “All the best, Arjun… Do well!”

With a smile, Arjun replied, “The presentation is finished, maa. I’m on the verge of completing my degree. Please inform dad as well.”

As he heard his mother praising Goddess Shakti, Arjun said, “Maa. I will call you back; take care.”

Walking back home, Arjun saw trees that bore pink flowers that had just bloomed after the winter passed by. He was in awe of the bright and vibrant colours the trees possessed. He looked up at the sky and gave his prayers to his grandparents and his favourite God. On his way back, he pondered on the change in his thoughts and Arjun couldn’t help but think maybe this was the Universe wanting him to do well.

It has been two years since he and Aashritha got into a relationship, but neither of them ever questioned their future. It was as if they lived one day at a time. However, Arjun wanted to take it to the next level and begin a critical phase in their life. Thinking about it, Arjun felt his life improved extensively with her, and he wanted it to continue for a longer time. Possibly, a lifetime.

Almost home, Arjun visited a florist at the corner of the lane and bought a bunch of tulips. Approaching home in total excitement, Arjun rang the doorbell, but he got no response. He pulled out his key, unlocked the door, and placed the tulips in the vase replacing the old faded flowers.

He then headed to Aashritha’s room and knocked thrice, which was their usual signal. When there was no response, he opened the door and went inside to find his partner in deep slumber.

He returned to his room, waiting for her to wake up, and by the time she finally woke up, he had prepared lunch. Waiting for her to get out of the shower, he arranged the plates and the dishes on the dining table.

As she sat facing him with droplets dripping from her half-dried hair, he served food for both of them and observed her sniffing the food on her plate.

Tasting it, she moved her gaze from the food towards his face as she asked, “How did it go, Arjun?”

Tasting the salty dal, Arjun replied, “It went well! I think he might even offer me a PhD position while considering the funding.”

Impressed, Aashritha replied, “Man, this is so delicious! How do you manage to do it perfectly every single time?”

Observing her devouring every bite while nodding her head, Arjun smiled as he replied, “It’s simple. You just need to add a pinch of love every time.”

Gawking at him with her eyebrow raised, Aashritha felt the taunt while Arjun laughed. After a moment of silence, Arjun inquired, “Okay, listen, what do you think happens with us now?”

Continuing to eat, Aashritha casually replied, “What happens with us? Nothing, to be honest. I’m sure it’s gonna be great fun for the next few months until you get a job, and let’s see after that.”

Arjun moved his chair beside her and held her before saying, “I thought... maybe we could take this forward... Like, be together for the rest of our lives? If that’s what you are thinking too, I can probably go and talk to your parents.”

A bit impressed, Aashritha replied, “Come on, Arjun! It’s my life; you need to talk to me, not my parents. And yeah, I’m more than happy to spend the rest of my life with you. But, you need to come to terms with many things if that happens.”

Though he felt happy, he didn’t completely follow her. Continuing to hold her hand, he asked, “What does that mean?”

Finishing her meal, Aashritha replied, “It has been two years we have been together now, Arjun. Shouldn’t you know me better by now? What the heck have you learnt until now?”

Thinking about it for a moment, Arjun smiled before saying, “I have learnt that I always want you by my side even though we don’t get along… Honestly, I don’t even remember how we even got together in the first place.”

While Aashritha shot an angry look at him, Arjun asked, “Hey Ash, tell me, dude, why did you even fall for me?”

As they glanced at each other, they started recalling the night they met.


Chapter II

First Outing

Three weeks after moving together:

Aashritha shouted way above her voice, “Arjun! What’s taking you so long?”

As he stepped out of the house, Arjun explained, “I am on my way, babe. I just wanted to carry the umbrella just in case it rains.”

Noticing the grey clouds, Aashritha asked, “You know, we’re getting late to the church, right?”

Arjun held his ears as an apology while saying, “Yes, I do know.”

Unable to bear his cuteness, Aashritha hugged him & he embraced her. As they start walking, Arjun asks, “But, aren’t we going to church on our way back from the ride?”

Breaking free from the hug, Aashritha replied, “Yes, we’re only going there on our way back from the ride; and for that to happen, we should have left our place a good fifteen minutes by now!”

As she completed her sentence, she got into the passenger seat of their rented car. Arjun boarded the car with a glum face and stared at Aashritha for a good ten seconds. By then, the finicky Aashritha had melted down, realised her behaviour and gave him a casual hug from across the seat.

A tiny smile crept onto Arjun’s face, and he looked back at Aashritha as he said, “I will not be sorry for being late, but I will make up for the lost time. We will eventually visit the church, okay?”

Aashritha resonated with a beaming smile and replied, “Okay.”

And so their long drive started.

Halfway into the ride:

The path for their ride was covered with trees on both sides of the road and a cloudy morning ensured that the weather was neither too hot nor too cold. It was just perfect with some great music.

Observing the empty roads on a cloudy morning, they let their windows slide down, allowing the cool breeze to enter. Aashritha felt that as she welcomed a greater source of energy called Nature which helped in breathing her impure thoughts out. So placing her hand on Arjun’s shoulder, she asked, “Tell me, Pandaboo, are you spiritual?”

With his eyes on the road, Arjun hesitantly replied, “Yes?”

Excited, Aashritha asked, “Then tell me, who is your favourite God from the innumerable Gods you have been offered?”

Without a moment of hesitation, Arjun instantly replied, “The destroyer of evil... Lord Shiva.”

For a moment, silence prevailed until Arjun continued, “Worshiping him offers a sense of calmness that is irreplaceable.”

As Aashritha changed the song in the playlist, Arjun asked, “Why do you ask so?”

With Illaiyaraaja’s Thalapathi theme playing, Aashritha replied, “I just wanted to know which God you like the most… I guess I also wanted to know how spiritual you are.”

Increasing the pace of their journey, Arjun replied, “I’m a practising Hindu, but I’m not overly spiritual. I believe in things told in the epics, scriptures and folklore from around our country & acknowledge their presence. However, I do what I should do in life and don’t depend on God all the time.”

Leaning back in her chair, Aashritha said, “That’s nice to hear. You should take me to a Hindu temple once, and I would love to know how the atmosphere is and how people find peace and solace in the presence of their God.”

Arjun turned to look at her for a moment and said, “Definitely. That won’t be a problem. Let’s go sometime.”

They both smiled and continued their journey with their favourite playlists playing. Being closest to Nature, they felt rejuvenated and just started to express their true self as one-another; even though they had been together until now, they had their own mind-boggling experiences in life.

At the church:

As Aashritha stepped out of the car, she could feel the invisible drizzling. Noticing Arjun unlocking his seat belt, Aashritha suggested, “You can wait inside here if you don’t want to come to the church.”

Continuing his action, Arjun even removed his shoes inside the car before saying, “Who said I didn’t want to join you?”

Chuckling, Aashritha mentioned, “You need not remove your footwear to enter a church. It’s fine to go in wearing your shoes.”

As he stepped out of the car, Arjun replied, “No, it’s okay. I’m used to praying to God this way. So let me come inside barefoot.”

Both of them stepped into the church, and Arjun started imitating her by first drawing an imaginary cross on himself using the holy water. Then he knelt right in front of the cross and started praying in his way. He stood up, walked out of the church and rested on a bench. He noticed that the drizzling stopped, thereby helping him to notice his surroundings.

Meanwhile, Aashritha finished her prayer and started looking for Arjun. She couldn’t find him inside the church, so she exited and found him sitting on a bench outside the church.

As she approached him, Aashritha asked, “You didn’t like it inside?”

Gesturing for her to sit beside him, Arjun replied as he smiled, “No, it was good. Very pleasant atmosphere indeed.”

Feeling the cold winds and relishing the beauty of the church, they talked about Christianity for a decent amount of time before Aashritha nudged Arjun to point at the car, indicating it was time to leave.

Drive back home:

The return trip was quiet, with Arjun and Aashritha engulfed in their thoughts about how their life would be ahead.

After a long silence, a doubtful Aashritha popped the question, “Arjun, would you have a problem accompanying me to the church now and then?”

Arjun assured calmly, “Sure, why not? I don’t have a problem. But please don’t make it very frequent. That’s my only request.”

A beaming Aashritha hugged Arjun’s right hand as she said, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I just wanted to hear that from you. I’m not devotional, and I know that there is a greater force looking upon all of us. I’m fine with that, and I don’t need a church to convey my prayers to God.”

Trying to connect the dots, Arjun replied, “Woah! Was all of this a test to see if I was okay with your religion? Hahaha. Not cool, bro.”

Before Aashritha even replied, Arjun continued, “I’m kidding, Ash. I’m glad we could connect on this. I’m fine with whatever you want to do. I have no problem at all.”

A furious Aashritha, however, shouted, “Arjun? I told you not to call me Ash, Arjun! Get lost!”


Chapter III


Two years ago.

Arjun and Aashritha were invited by Vivek, their mutual friend, to his birthday. Though they took a few courses together, Arjun and Aashritha haven’t met yet.

Surprisingly, Vivek told Arjun that he only invited the two of them as he lived with his distant relatives and didn’t intend to invite everyone. Since Arjun knew Vivek’s place, he gave him Aashritha’s number and asked him to coordinate with her.

So, Arjun asked Aashritha to meet him at the Central Railway Station and then suggested that they go to Vivek’s place together. It had just been a few weeks since all three of them joined their courses, and Vivek was the only one who interacted adequately with both of them.

As agreed, Aashritha reached the central station before the agreed time and texted Arjun that she had arrived at the station. Arjun was on his way, so he texted her that it would take him five more minutes to reach the station.

Both of them have never seen each other, nor have they interacted. Aashritha was very calm about it, but Arjun, on the other hand, was freaking out because it would be the first time he would be meeting someone who was technically a stranger, and he had to accompany this stranger to his new friend’s place.

Just after he reached, Arjun got off the bus and waited at the bus stop trying to figure out if Aashritha was anywhere around the place. Since he could not find her, he called her up.

“Hey, Arjun here, Vivek’s friend.”

“Hey, Hi Arjun”, replied Aashritha as she started searching for him at the railway station.

Scanning everyone around him, Arjun asked, “I have reached the Central Station, and I am waiting for you at the bus stop just outside the station. Would you mind telling me where you are?”

Halting her search, Aashritha replied, “Oh, okay. Just come to Platform No. 29, and I’m waiting near Cafe Mocha, and I have already bought the tickets for the two of us.”

Arjun entered the crowded station and wondered why all the stations were always filled with people. He always felt that all sorts of emotions could be witnessed in places of transportation only. These places are the sights for happiness for a few people who have met each other after a while. These places are also sights for heartbreaks and great sadness when people leave their loved ones looking for work or education elsewhere, leaving everyone and everything in their hometown. It was always a treat to watch people being honest, and these places always consisted of the most authentic people to be seen in life.

When he reached platform no. 29, he started walking toward the train to find the Indian girl amongst the many foreigners waiting for the train. It wasn’t difficult because the number of Indians in the country was very few. Nevertheless, it was a railway station and finding an acquaintance in a vast crowd was as tricky as reciting the 17th table.

As he walked toward her, he created different scenarios of meeting this beautiful girl. He thought, “I’d say - ‘Hey, is it hot here? Or is it just you?’ and she’d say - “Is it only me, or can you hear the asshole too?”

That terrified him so much that Arjun told himself, “Oh my god! Man, that was a killer line and flirty too. Let’s go with a simple one.”

Slowing his pace as the beautiful Indian girl looked at him, Arjun thought, “I’d say - ‘How does it feel to be the most beautiful girl in the train station?’ and she’d say - ‘How does it feel to be the dumbest and the blindest person alive on this planet?’”

Controlling his smile, he agreed that he should work on his lines. As Arjun reached her, the sun was setting, and a cold breeze was gushing onto his face. There was this massive sensation within him that hinted something about this meeting would be memorable.

Greeting each other with a smile, Arjun said, “This is the train we have to board.”

In silence, they boarded the train that would take them to Vivek’s place and sat facing each other. Arjun just realised her beauty after meeting her properly in person as she smiled.

While observing her, Arjun couldn’t dare to express himself. As he heard a voice that warned him of the consequences and awkwardness, he also heard another voice that told him he was Rocky, the Rambo, the Rocket in space, and he could do anything.

Gauging the situation, Arjun hesitantly asked, “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Before the girl even spoke a word, Arjun got tensed to say, “I certainly don’t believe in that. So yeah, let’s continue the journey.”

With a smile, the beautiful girl replied, “I do believe in love at first sight, and my name is Sindhu.”

Arjun was embarrassed, so she continued, “The girl you want to meet might be in the next compartment. Please greet her before you bullshit about anything else.”

Apologising, Arjun left disappointed. However, he didn’t give up and tried to come up with another line as he walked to the next compartment to meet the actual person. As he noticed everyone in his way, his eyes stopped for a second at a person. Staring at her, he forgot that it was longer than usual.

The eyes he was looking at turned their gaze right back at him. Arjun was tensed as he couldn’t help but presume the reaction this girl might give while cursing Vivek for all the mess that he was going through. Just as he was about to change the direction of his stare, he noticed the girl who was gazing at him smiling too. He knew she was the one. He knew she was the one he had to meet.

Approaching her, Arjun asked, “Are you Aashritha?”

She said, “Yes,” and gestured to him to sit beside her.

Arjun couldn’t believe his eyes. How implausible is the fact that she is more beautiful than anyone he has ever met before?

He started looking everywhere else, and he felt a sensation in the tummy, which he couldn’t help but think, “Maybe this is what butterflies in the stomach mean... Oh my God! I didn’t expect you to be so good!”

As he couldn’t help but stare at her, he said out loud, “Aashritha, you’re ethereal!”

Comprehending that he spoke out loud, Arjun covered his mouth as Aashritha smiled in awe. To tease, she even asked, “What was that?”

With a smile, Arjun replied, “I am just saying that we need to get down at the next stop.”

Aashritha giggled at his plight, and they got off the train. They reached Vivek’s house in ten minutes and spent the evening at his place. With music, cake and lots of introductions, time flew without notice.

Since they were guests, they were not allowed to help with the kitchen, and for a brief moment, Aashritha and Arjun were alone. Taking the opportunity, Aashritha asked, “So what should we get him as a present?”

Recalling the train incident, Arjun replied, “That we will discuss on our way back. By the way, who is Sindhu?”

With a smile, Aashritha replied, “Let’s talk about it on our way back.”

After this, they didn’t speak another word. They finished their dinner and bid goodbye to Vivek and his family to board the return train.

Facing each other, Aashritha asked, “Now tell me, what are we going to buy him?”

Without any hesitation, Arjun replied, “We should buy him new headphones. I saw a wonderful model online, and I think they would be wonderful for him. Would you agree?”

Aashritha was fine with the suggestion, so she just smiled and nodded while the train arrived at the station.

With agreement, Arjun immediately asked, “So now tell me, who was the girl who told me that you were in the next compartment?”

Aashritha hesitantly replied, “We met for the first time in the station. She was the one who suggested that she would deal with you first and then send you to me.”

Suspecting Aashritha, Arjun replied, “I doubt that she came up with the plan.

However, I would never hold such things up on a girl who has such a beautiful smile.”

Picking up her book from her handbag, Aashritha blushed as she replied, “Did anyone ever tell you that you use the cheapest lines to impress girls?”

Leaning back in his seat, Arjun smirked as he thought, “One more line got wasted. I should stop picking up pickup lines from the internet!”

The train reached the central station, and both talked about where they lived. So before they were about to part ways, Arjun asked, “My house is on the same route. Would you mind me joining the ride on the bus?”

With a smile, Aashritha replied, “Not a problem. It would be nice to have company too. Thank you.”

They both got down at the bus stop near Aashritha’s house, and the cool breeze had become colder with the evening fading into night. As they walked alongside the road, Arjun noticed that Aashritha was struggling with the cold winds.

Arjun wanted to remove his jacket and give it to her in a flimsy manner. Just as he was about to take it off, she pulled out her jacket from her bag. He couldn’t resist a chuckle while putting his jacket back on. Though they were quick, Aashritha still noticed his actions.

When they reached her place, Aashritha said, “So yeah, this is it”, and Arjun smiled.

Before she left, Arjun hesitantly said, “Oh, finally, great! Then it’s goodbye, I guess. You’re the most interesting person I’ve met here. I don’t mean to be forward, but I would like to meet you next week if you are okay with it.”

Finishing his sentence, Arjun started walking back toward the bus stop, and Aashritha ran until she faced him. Looking into his eyes, Aashritha replied, “I know that your house is not on the same route, and I also saw that you were about to give me your jacket, which is very nice of you. Thank you very much for being the nicest guy. I won’t mind seeing you tomorrow as well.”

Arjun was elated, hearing all those statements. Without saying another word, Aashritha left, and he thought to himself, “After all, when you work hard, success finds its way to your door!”


Chapter IV

The Question Mark

Six months into the relationship:

Arjun and Aashritha planned to go on a trek to a spot sought by the adventure seekers. They prepared everything they might need during their tour by purchasing the necessary shoes, compass, map, and first aid kit while also preparing food alongside taking water with them.

After many days, this trek was their first outing, and both were excited to have a good time. Both met with the organisers, seeking their permission to trek alone and not with the group. Though they get an acceptance, they are informed of the safe passages and the necessary precautions before they leave the group in their pursuit of trying to figure out things in the adventure.

It was early in the morning, and they had reached the starting point well ahead of the rest of the group. They got into their trekking gear and left behind their usual attire. It was a 2.5 kilometres trip up the hill, and the trek would have been easier had there been trails, but without them, the hike got challenging yet exciting at the same time.

They started their journey to the top of the hill with little to no experience climbing a hill or knowing its surroundings. Within no time, both of them started panting and were struggling to breathe, all thanks to no physical exercise in the day to day life. They both looked at each other, laughed at themselves, motivated themselves with gestures and continued their climb.

A few minutes later, when they couldn’t move forward anymore, they found a giant boulder and lay by its side for rest.

Glancing at Arjun, Aashritha remarked, “You’re too weak, Arjun. How would you take care of me after the wedding?”

Turning towards her, Arjun exclaimed, “From when are we talking about our wedding, ma’am?”

With a smile on her lovely face, Aashritha replied, “No, I was just kidding, but tell me, when is the right time to get married?”

Thinking about it for a moment while observing the grandness of their city, Arjun replied, “I guess after we settle in our respective fields and convince our parents. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t marry.”

In agreement, Aashritha curiously questioned, “Oh... okay, I get it, but I would like to know why we never got intimate except for the kisses? For me, you seem to be so disinterested in me around those moments!”

A diffident Arjun replied, “I dislike premarital sex, Aashritha. Maybe due to my upbringing, I’m quick to judge people and wouldn’t want to participate.”

For a moment, Aashritha couldn’t believe what she had just heard while Arjun continued, “Honestly, don’t you think it is absurd to take part in sex without being declared for each other through marriage?”

Staring at Arjun, Aashritha couldn’t speak a word. She didn’t even know what to say. Both of them were silent for a moment until Arjun asked, “Tell me, what if you conceive? Isn’t that a shame for both our parents? And don’t get me started on abortion being the biggest sin!”

Convinced himself, Arjun concluded, “To stay away from all these, I’d prefer to be just a roommate with you rather than a temporary husband.”

Aashritha was distraught to hear about Arjun, the boy she loved to her best. She never thought old-school ideas drove him and couldn’t help but wonder, “How is it possible for someone living in a modern world like this and think about sex and abortion along these lines?”

Unable to figure it out, she looked sternly at Arjun, picked up her backpack and started climbing the mountain.

Arjun was surprised at her reaction. He said, “Aashritha? What’s wrong with you? Where are you going? Let me join you!”

Aashritha stomped off from the place, disgusted. As she walked away, she said, “Please leave me alone, Arjun. I need some space from all your bullshit theories and practices!”

Even though he wanted to go behind her, Arjun refrained from hurting her anymore with his words. He was saddened, placed his hands on his face and remembered the words his mother told him at the age of 12 when he asked her about sex, “Arjun, you shouldn’t be talking about these things. Sex is a word only to be used by people who are married. The others shouldn’t be talking about all these words, and it is a sin if you talk about it or try to do it without getting married.”

Recalling the past, Arjun thought, “What’s going on here? Why am I wrong when this is what my mother has taught me? Why does it disgust my girlfriend?”

He worries about his position in life, picks up his bag and starts looking for Aashritha. He finds her sitting on a mini boulder, situated a few metres beneath the hill’s peak. She is lost in her thoughts and notices Arjun walking up to her. Arjun goes up to her, smiles and offers his hand, and Aashritha reluctantly holds his hand and gets up from the rock.

“A few more steps, Ash, we’ll be there, and I guess this is a wonderful achievement considering that we are first-timers in trekking.”

Completing his sentence, he pulled her up and pushed her towards the peak. A little huffing and puffing later, they finally reached the top of the hill, and a sense of accomplishment adorned their faces. The sweat-stained t-shirts now stopped sticking to their backs, the hands spread out wide, and the faces towards the breeze; that was what finishing a trek felt like. They enjoyed the view from the top and then sat down.

Aashritha then turned her gaze toward Arjun, who was already looking at her. She then looked at the trees behind Arjun to avoid eye contact before saying, “Arjun listen, I know I was rude, but I am not going to apologise. I felt whatever views you had were utter nonsense. Just think about it once, we’re in the 21st century, and you’re still telling us that sex is taboo? No, I can’t accept that. Not that I want to always have intercourse with you, but it is still necessary, and you definitely can’t link it with something like marriage. Then it becomes ridiculous!”

“But Ash, that was what I was taught, and that was how I was raised. Premarital sex is against our values, and we can’t go on breaking the rules of our culture and become westernised.”

“Come on, Arjun. You’re not a kid anymore. Please come out of this shell. Yes, your parents have advised you based on their learning, but things have changed. You can’t just keep living in a world where people only see each other once before getting married and start having sex. In the world we are in today, people expect to know each other. Let it be physical or mental. What is crazy about that?”

Arjun didn’t have an answer to Aashritha’s question, and Aashritha didn’t want to prolong the discussion. She got up from her place and offered her hand to Arjun, gesturing they should take a walk back down the hill.

He accepts the handshake and smiles at her. When they walked downhill, both wondered how their future might be if they were together. While one wants to stick to their roots, the other wants to adapt to the times.

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Chapter V

Second Answer

It was a rainy day, and Aashritha had been home all day while Arjun attended his classes. Around six in the evening, it stopped raining, and Aashritha badly wanted to have a coffee in their favourite cafe alongside talking with someone for hours.

Even though Arjun and Aashritha have been roommates for close to a year now, they never got to talk with each other except for their little dates in the Bradley Cafe near their apartment.

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