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Her Choice

Updated: May 27

Is being rejected painful? Can one be contented with being a second choice? Should the rejected put others through the same pain when the tables are turned? Can individuals treat the rest like an option when they have been treated as one?

“Her Choice” by Chethana Nagulapalli explores these questions through two characters in a love-hate relationship by keeping its readers fixated on oscillating emotions.



This contribution is edited by Edlyn Dsouza, & Sreekar Ayyagari & photographed by Ravindra Patoju.



This anthology is available in paperback & ebook.


It was just another normal day at college until lunch break because out of nowhere he came and stood before me proposing in the corridor that led to our class. It was unbelievable to even realise how the moment I had wished for years didn’t make any difference when it really happened. We had been friends since the first year of our bachelors and it was no secret that I admired him so much that all of our friends teased us observing our dynamic, from the first semester itself.

He honestly had a lasting impression on me ever since we first met. Maybe I was too gullible back then or maybe he really had a vibe that somehow made me feel I was pretty close to him for no reason and life felt like a fairy tale with love in the air.

In the first year, I didn’t say a word but always hoped he would propose, but he didn’t. In the second year, my love for him kept on increasing and my hopes were off the charts considering how we were now seniors and couples popped up every day in our class, but he didn’t. Not wanting to waste a single day in our third year, I proposed on the very first day of our fifth semester, but to my surprise, he mentioned that I wasn’t the love of his life.

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