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Is A Wish Worth Asking?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Often many of us ask ourselves, is asking God a wish worth the effort? We wonder if that would make a difference in our lives & most of us indeed claim it won’t, but a few disagree.

“Is A Wish Worth Asking?” by Mounika Kodeboina narrates the story of a child talking to God about life before realizing what an individual should genuinely possess to deserve fulfillment for their wishes.

Illustrated by Amritha Shree Laxmi

Aparna spent most of her time before textbooks, but she could have scored better in her examinations. Maybe because she never learnt but only tried to memorise, and this technique always bailed on her at the last minute.

After her first-semester result dropped, Aparna came home and just slipped her college bag and fell on her bed.

Observing her, Aparna’s mother made some tea before coming to her and sitting beside her. Passing her the cup of tea, she asked, “If something is destined to reach you, it will! Even if it is beneath the ocean. On the other hand, if it is not destined to reach you, it won’t. Even if it is between your lips!”

As she sipped, Aparna’s mother asked, “Now tell me. Do you think you were destined to earn a good score?”

Aparna knew the answer. So she stayed silent and finished her tea without saying a word. She then took off her shoes and fell asleep. Observing her, Aparna’s mother didn’t say a word too.

As soon as she closed her eyes, Aparna could see herself sitting on her bed with his hands folded, praying to the almighty. She heard a Voice saying, “Do you wish for something, child?”

Recalling her mother’s words, Aparna replied, “Everything seemed to be already destined. What good is it for me to ask for a wish?”

After a moment of silence, she heard the Voice reply, “Some things are bound to happen in order to build an individual, but not everything is pre-written, child. So by asking me, you might get a few of your wishes fulfilled.”

Then Aparna curiously questioned, “Then, no matter how many times I plead for success, I end up failing. Why is it so?”

With a laugh, the Voice replied, “Failure is not the opposite of success; it is a part of it. Never let yourself down in adversity. Obstacles are just small deviating paths. A setback just sets you up for a comeback. We all fail at some things, but we aren’t failures unless we give up. Once you choose hope, anything is possible.”

Aparna then asked, “How can I carry on with hope when all I see is defeat?”

The Voice graciously answered, “Look for the good in the bad, as no matter how bad things get, it is bound to get from good to better. The mind is everything and what you think is what you become. Accept whatever may happen in your life with your whole heart, good or bad. What we dwell on is who we become.”

Realising her mistake a little, Aparna hesitantly asked, “What if the pursuit is to cross your friends in the score and not just get good grades?”

The Voice answered quickly, “You should not be concerned with others because you know exactly what you want to be or do; everything else becomes irrelevant. Your fears won’t stop you, the opinions of others won’t bother you, and failure won’t chase you.”

When Aparna did not seem satisfied, the Voice continued, “Visualise the life you want daily and don’t let anything get in your way as you work to make your dreams a reality. Please remember that the only constant thing in life is change.”

Confused & scarred, Aparna asked, “Do you think I have the strength to do it?”

The Voice kindly answered, “Everything starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts become your actions; it’s the law of nature. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Stay focused and persistent, and never quit, no matter how many obstacles you face. Never, ever give up. Be grateful for what you already have, or you will never get what you want. Gratitude creates abundance. Complaining creates poverty. This is the key to a happy, successful and peaceful life.”

After listening to everything, Aparna woke up. She thought of what God had just told him and started her new day with new hope. She understood that a wish is worth asking only when one has a burning desire within them.



This contribution is edited by R. K. Chamarla & illustrated by Amritha Shree Laxmi.

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M Keerthana
M Keerthana
08 may 2023

started new day with new hope.

Me gusta

R.S. Chintalapati
R.S. Chintalapati
15 mar 2023

Quite a fascinating read. A little more interactive dialogue would would have added a lot more to the story than the monologuing. Keep going!

Me gusta
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