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Lavender Scar

Jealousy compounded with insult leads to anger that pushes people to make reckless decisions and wish ill-intended harm on others. When one reaches this point, it doesn’t matter who the other person is, as the emotion to make them pay outways everything else.

“Lavender Scar” by R. S. Chintalapati tells the story of two sisters who grow apart due to their circumstances. Showing how jealousy pushes one of them to act against her own blood, this story is about the set of events that happen after this ill-minded decision breaks the family forever.



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This contribution is edited by Edlyn ​D’souza, & Manognya Bethapudi & illustrated by Sravani Dhulipala.



This anthology is available as paperback & ebook.


Part I

Impartial Choice

Once upon a time, there lived a young king called Impartial, he was six feet tall with dusky skin, black silky hair, and brown eyes. Though he was well known for his strategies and wars, King Impartial was a scholar who insisted on maintaining good relations with his neighbouring kingdoms. He, however, earned his reputation while avenging his father’s death by killing the traitors in his council. For this, King Impartial heavily relied upon his best friend General Fair who stood loyal unlike many others when it mattered the most.

Fair’s father started as a soldier and grew up in the ranks. He eventually even fought the traitors alongside King Impartial. However, during the second battle, he lost his life and his son took over his father’s duty.

Just like his father, General Fair stood by King Impartial with blind loyalty. Fortunately, Impartial was exceptional in his administration and his subjects loved him for providing employment and sanitation. A few of them even called him the true son of Primrose for doing what none of his predecessors ever tried to do.

Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Lavender, there lived a princess named Elegant. She is one of the most beautiful princesses in the world with golden hair, black eyebrows, emerald green eyes, and an oval face with glowing skin. Her compassionate nature and fluent words made many men desire her. Though many of them knew about her not many knew about her sister.

Called by many as Gentle, the young princess had gorgeous long black hair, grey eyes, and eyebrows like a rainbow. She was as simple as a commoner and spent most of her time in art school, painting. She knew most of them found it to be unbelievable that she was the younger sister of Elegant. However, in her support, there were a few who couldn’t appreciate her sister’s presence too.

Located adjacent to each other, the kingdoms of Lavender and Primrose shared many trade deals, especially fish from Primrose and grain from Lavender. The forest of Arax which spread between the kingdoms acted as a natural border and caravans had to pass through it every day.

However, for the past two years, traders and their men had been attacked consistently by tribes after they have united as one. Unable to lose men every passing day, the traders pleaded for help from their kings and a meeting was held by King Sacred of Lavender. Though King Impartial intended to attend, due to a natural calamity in his province, he sent General Fair to attend the meeting.

During their meeting, General Fair met both the princesses of Lavender. Though he heard about Princess Elegant’s beauty, he never witnessed it in person and was amazed when he did. As soon as he returned, he informed King Impartial, “I’ve found a perfect queen for you my king! I did not believe when others praised her but I must tell you that she lives up to every word used to describe her. She is gracious, a rare beauty, a worthy partner, and a perfect choice!”

Listening to his friend, Impartial was surprised. It was rare for Fair to pay anyone compliments. He was one of those people who would avoid giving a compliment even when the other person deserved one. After a moment of silence, Impartial said, “If she is willing to meet me, I would like to consider this proposal.”

Fair smiled before leaving. Later that night, he sent a letter to King Sacred proposing a bond in marriage. Within the next few days, they heard back asking to select a day for the meeting.

Days passed by and the night before the meeting, Princess Gentle stood before the mirror in her cosy chamber trying different dresses. After a couple of tries, she asked, “Tell me, Lulu. Should I dress in a special way as my sister has requested or should I be myself?”

Observing the princess striving hard, Lulu, the pale green parrot replied, “Wasn’t it you who told me that the most beautiful things are often simple?”

Dropping the garment in her hand, Gentle protested, “I don’t want the maids whispering about how I have embarrassed my sister.”

Lulu stayed silent and the princess just smiled looking at her friend. The next day, Lulu was impressed to see that the princess did not wear any special dress or jewels. She just dressed as she always did, which was quite casual.

King Impartial was adorned in crimson armour & jewels. He sat in his chair waiting for Princess Elegant while listening to the maids whispering and looking around to see the palace filled with flowers, mirrors to reflect sunlight, golden pillars, and royal guards.

As the young king observed all around, Princess Elegant and Gentle arrived before settling in the chairs facing him. Looking at them, the young King was amazed. Turning to Fair, Impartial whispered, “She looks blissful.”

Fair was glad that Impartial liked the princess. Turning towards the King of Lavender, Impartial said, “Your daughter is as beautiful as the full moon King Sacred. If you agree, I would like to marry her.”

After obtaining his consent through a nod, King Impartial walked towards the princess and offered his hand to Princess Gentle. While everyone stood shocked, Lulu thought, “So this one appreciates beauty too.”


Part II

Elegant Ploy

Within the next couple of weeks, the royal marriage filled the kingdom of Lavender with citizens from both kingdoms. People rejoiced in the celebration by taking part in the feasts, shopping for garments and jewels, playing in clubs and betting on races. Every profession other than the most necessary ones was discontinued.

Everyone was at their best except for Princess Elegant. She kept weeping, loathing and blaming her step-sister for snatching her groom. She even started hating on her father for neither speaking out against nor checking on her as to how she was dealing with the change in events.

Watching people cheering at feasts, Princess Elegant wondered, “Are they blind to not see the insult I’ve endured or did they never adore me?”

To her surprise, some of them even pretended as if she didn’t exist at the wedding. After a couple of days, on a sunny day, with the blessings of artists, scholars, kings and civilians, Princess Gentle and King Impartial got married. Standing on the holy stone of Lavender that was meant to unite two accepting souls, the young King promised to take care and be responsible and then Princess Gentle promised to raise a loving family and be kind to her new subjects like a mother.

Not to keep his people waiting, King Impartial left with his wife the very next evening bidding goodbye to Princess Elegant, King Sacred, councillors and all the people of Lavender. The moment her sister left, Princess Elegant returned to her chamber and shouted at her maids, “Explain to me! How could my ugly step-sister impress him?”

Without a clue as to how to help, both maids stayed silent while the princess kept screaming. As she vented her frustration, a soldier entered before announcing, “Our king is here to visit you princess.”

Wiping away the tears that filled her eyes, Princess Elegant waited for King Sacred to enter. Looking at his daughter, the old king remarked, “Your sister was lucky to get such a husband.”

While Princess Elegant tried her best to pretend and smile, King Sacred continued, “However, I have come to ask you for your forgiveness.”

Holding his daughter’s face in his hands, the king admitted in regret, “I have disobeyed the laws and got your sister married before you.”

Not giving up her pretence, Elegant replied “Please do not say so, Father. We both hope that she has a beautiful life.”

Though he didn’t imagine such kindness from her, the old King was pleased and even hugged her. A moment later, in complete confidence, he assured, “I’ve come here to promise you that I wouldn’t rest until I find you a worthy prince!”

As her smile faded, Princess Elegant couldn’t help but think, “How can you find another prince if you shipped off the only one who was both beautiful and capable to that little monster!”

However, she humbly said “Father, there is something I want you to know. Only because you wanted me to marry Prince Impartial, I obeyed but in reality, I am in love with a charming boy!”

King Sacred was surprised as he never expected his daughter to be in love with someone considering how she gladly accepted to get married to Impartial a few days ago. So he curiously asked, “Is he a prince?”

“He will meet you tomorrow Father and you can know everything about him.” replied Elegant while her maids wondered how their Princess loved a man without their knowledge.

King Sacred did not know what else to say and left wishing to see the suitor for himself. Turning towards her maids, Elegant instructed “Find me a good-looking dumb boy by tomorrow.”

Both the maids slowly started comprehending their Princess’ intentions and started thinking about who in their circles would be a proper match.


Part III

Innocent King

Finally, the planned meeting between King Sacred and Princess Elegant’s lover named Innocent was arranged the following day. Innocent’s mother died a year after he was born and his father who raised him was a fisherman. Innocent was simple, good, and loved learning new things. King Sacred wasn’t pleased with the boy as he was neither royal nor rich but since his daughter chose him, he had to accept and not disappoint her again. To be fair, the boy’s words did not impress the King but his appearance did.

Deep inside his heart, King Sacred had a bitter feeling since he always envisioned Elegant’s marriage differently. However, giving in to his daughter, the tired King accepted the marriage. The following day, an announcement was made and an invitation was sent to King Impartial and Queen Gentle welcoming them to the grand wedding. Princes all across the world laughed when they heard that the most beautiful princess was getting married to a commoner driven by love. When the invitation was sent, Gentle did not believe that her elder sister would ever love and marry a commoner even in her dreams.

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