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Oh, Mountain! Oh, Mountain!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Personifying a mountain as an old man, poet Shruti Kishore Sahi pens all she has learned observing him. Mentioning how the mountain stands unmoved in all climates while remaining strong even when the rivers and landslides destroy it, the poet hopes that the human spirit remains as strong as the mountain, especially in the moment of need.

Cover Photo by Ravindra Patoju

Oh​, mountain! Oh, mountain!

How giant and majestic you are

In thou, I see an old but a stern man

Standing tall, holding the values conquered in life

Like the trees and stones, you hold,

You make me feel timid

From you, I learned there is no such thing which can quench my soul as you can

From you, I learned life is beyond prejudice and inhibitions

Oh, mountain! Oh, mountain!

You make me feel so small but yet so strong that I could see the sunshine beyond.

From you, I learned a few things that hold still in life.

The way you stand alone amidst rain, snow, and sunshine

Looking at you sometimes I fail to think about how you manage to engulf us in your arms.

From the river which flows from you narrate the stories of your pride.

They teach us to move on and to never stand by fright.

In you I see an old man losing the teeth like the landslide.

Oh, mountain! Oh, mountain!

Engulf me in your arms so that I may never lose these sights.



  1. Edition II: This contribution is photographed by Ravindra Patoju.

  2. Edition I: This contribution is photographed by Dinesh Reddy.



This poem is available in paperback & ebook.

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