The Umbrella Walk

Time flies by when the love of our lives is our companion. Describing his experience while helping his lover reach her home on a rainy day, poet Rahul Mehra writes about his relishing experience during their journey. The poem “Umbrella Walk” is a romantic expression of living his dream on a cloudy day.

Designed by Nikhil Narayanasa

I opened my umbrella along with my heart for her

A surprised look on her face immediately drained with the rain and she took a step inside the temple in which I pray

Thereby initiating the umbrella walk

Her voice was so enchanting

Her face felt like the cold breeze, freezing my gaze

Little I could hear the outside world

Little could I see it as if it shrank and shrank until the round umbrella became my entire world

A world with only me and her

A world I held tightly and firmly so as to never let it go

Rain thrashed the vibrating sound in the air

And draped the world like a silent night

My heart kindled lantern-like and became the light in the enclosed umbrella,

And she felt like the air it needed to glow in this deep dark globe

And like flies hovering around warmness,

With brightness came the mischievous rain droplets drumming on the umbrella sliding,

Scattering and finally peeping through the tips of the umbrella ribs.

So curious to see the world, I stopped with my one scolding spin of the handle in swooshing laugh, and they ran off.

Started moving again in the world to continue our umbrella walk.

Strong were the winds troublesome trying to flip the umbrella inside out

Trying to flicker the wick of the lantern but none could perturb.

With all my strength I clenched the handle in order to protect her from the whirly worries which the winds sent while I ensured our world was intact, we continued our umbrella walk.

In my eyes, my world started to shrink and so did she and our umbrella until my round eyes have become my entire world.

In time, a few blinks later, looking at the wavering hand and listening to the rain, my world started expanding until she reached the door.

I read on her lips the sweetest thank you and I shut the black domed temple realizing my wish was fulfilled while being dissolved in loving peace.



This contribution’s cover photo was designed by Nikhil Narayanasa.



This poem is available in paperback & ebook.

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