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Saviour’s Bliss

Updated: Feb 4

Sometimes utopia implies new things and new beginnings, and sometimes it means spitting hard-to-swallow pills and quitting difficult deals.

“Saviour’s Bliss” by Manognya Bethapudi writes about one such instance where the next step is too difficult to take, so one just resorts to dreaming of them in secrecy.

Cover Photo by Avinash Chinthalapudi

Some patients you never forget.

Some don’t let you forget.

And there are some you don’t want to remember

At times in the night, thoughts swirl

If I were free from this burden, I would let it go

This life of walking crisis to crisis

Putting out fires with kerchiefs

Somedays, I want no more

And those nights, I let myself dream

Of two-day weekends and working from home

Of crunching numbers and making machines

But all I know is saying, again and again,

I’ll do my best

You just hang in there



This contribution won the second runner-up in the Poet’s Carnival 2022.



This contribution is photographed by Avinash Chinthalapudi & acted by Manohar Koviri.



This poem is available in paperback & ebook.

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