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Twiggy Tales

In a world full of stories, each moment and experience has a lot to offer and helps the flourishment of a bud to blossom when sought as a lesson.

“Twiggy Tales” by C. S. Manohar presents nuggets of wisdom and values through tiny stories expressing morals while sowing new notions to grow oneself.

Illustrated by Renius Mercy


Free Access

  1. Happiness

  2. Guilt

  3. Innocence

  4. Duality

  5. Ownership

  6. Love

Exclusive Access

  1. Death

  2. Unique

  3. Time

  4. Opinion

  5. Healing

  6. Solutions

  7. Wisdom

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This contribution is reviewed by Edlyn ​D’souza, edited by Sreekar Ayyagari, proofread by Rajiv R Nair & illustrated by Renius Mercy.



This anthology is available in paperback & ebook.


Tale I


A five-year-old kid asks her father, “What is happiness?” & rather than answer, her father tried to show her what true happiness meant.

“Happiness” by C. S. Manohar tells how one can, in their way, define happiness through sharing & caring.


Five-year-old Molly asked her dad, “What is happiness?”

So the next day, her dad surprised her with a toy, a speaking Barbie, and she was overjoyed and spent every waking and sleeping moment with it.

Illustrated by Renius Mercy

A week later, her dad promised another gift. The next day as Molly waited by the door, her dad came home with a huge box. While she looked on with excitement, her dad opened the gift to reveal within it ten dolls of the same Barbie make. Her smile turned upside down.

But her dad smiled. He said, “Come, let’s go out.”

Taking the dolls with them, they wandered around the whole block. Molly’s father then asked her to distribute each doll to all her good friends. It was to become their lifetime bond now. Molly was elated.

But as they neared home, giving all of the dolls away, she came across a poor girl staring longingly at them. Her dad looked at Molly, wondering about her response.

In a blink, Molly ran indoors, got her doll, and gave it to the poor girl.

‘Happiness lies in knowing why to take and when to give.’


Tale II


A kid troubled with his thievery confesses his actions to an old man seeking a solution.

“Guilt” by C. S. Manohar shows how any one of us can repent our mistakes & pursue cleaning our conscious.

Illustrated by Renius Mercy

On a cold evening, in a lonely park, a troubled kid & an old man sat on a bench while the sky was covered with black clouds & trees hummed the tunes of nature, dancing to the tune of the winds.

“I was hungry and took an apple off the hawker’s basket as no one was watching. I was happy then but had been feeling heavy ever since. What’s troubling me?” asked the little boy to the old man.

“Ever noticed how the beautiful flowers in a garden are caged within the metal barbs? It is not their imprisonment but ours that we cannot reach them. These barbs are not always physical; they are sometimes invisible and all in mind, standing between you and your soul, the garden of fragrance. That is guilt,” answered the old man.

“But, what is it that I should do now? Should I confess or pay up to the fruit seller?”

“Apologise to him, but more importantly to yourself in sincerity: not in words, but in actions. Plant the seed of one fruit you’ve taken and nurture it with care to return a tree back in time, with interest.”


Tale III