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A Veracious Violinist

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

When asked about her journey of becoming a composer by an interviewer, Violinist Diya honestly reveals how unpassionate she is about music and only continues to perform for the money.

“A Veracious Violinist” by R. S. Chintalapati & Sharon Mathew showcases how truth remains hidden while false narratives are published since they are entertaining and enthralling to most readers.

Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada

At dusk, after a three-hour discussion, Parikshit rushed ahead of an old man in his sixties carrying his bag. As they reached the green Hindustan Ambassador waiting for them near the entrance of the music school, the old man wearing a white dhoti and dark green angavastram entered the car after Parikshit placed his bag in the back seat and opened the door for him. As the old man, Hastar settled, he confessed, “I was worried if you would have issues with what I was planning to tell you about Diya. However, after our meeting, I’m relieved.” With a smile, Parikshit mentioned, “Trust me, sir. I will report nothing more than what you have informed me. Your institute will receive the best advertising through this interview.” Glancing at the young interviewer, Hastar mentioned, “It’s good business for your newspaper too,” as Parikshit nodded, he continued, “Convey Akashvani my best wishes and thank you!” As they exchanged smiles, the engine roared before the master left. After the car reached a distance, Parikshit adjusted his shirt and took a mouth freshener before getting started on his next interview. The cold wind and the sunset enhanced Parikshit’s perception of the music school’s beauty. Entering the two-floored building, painted in light orange with classical instrument motifs on it, Parikshit reached the tutors’ chambers on the second floor.

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