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Adi Ananta

Updated: 5 days ago

In the darkest night, the master of the spirits drenched in blood & ash, draped in tiger skin beneath his torso, got down Nandi, the bull calf and marched towards his mother fulfilling his promise with the light cast by Chandra, the Moon God resting in his dreadlocks. Standing before the gigantic gateway, the destroyer turned towards his devoted Nandi to command him to wait for him. Observing the gateway guarded by the uncountable number of invisible Devas, Shiva, the master of death was almost about to strike his Trishula, the trident onto the floor but Vasuki, the king of snakes and his loyal companion around his neck hissed about the impending doom.

The destroyer and the incarnation of death just smiled before twirling his Trishula to play the damaru, a two-headed drum embedded onto the weapon before he leaned back and plunged his weapon into one of the black clouds creating a huge ball of exploding energy that revealed the Devas as the energy touched them. Leaving his Trishula, as the damaru continued playing, Shiva walked amongst the infinite number of Devas in their astral forms manifested out of the energy of Shakti as they paved the way before kneeling to the almighty. Turning towards Nandi, Shiva noticed that his companion was worried about him and just smiled.

Standing behind the Trishul, Nandi pointed his silver horns towards the gateway and bellowed intending to race towards the master at the first sight of trouble. Noticing the Devas kneeling as he walked past them, Shiva continued his journey while listening to the clouds roaring beneath his feet as they cast lightning blessed with eternal happiness.

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