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Akori’s Throne

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Emperor Akori is summoned to the astral world to lead a force & before he leaves his mortal form, as his last command, he orders his daughter to be crowned instead of his son & heir. However, a girl’s succession isn’t easy amongst the Sorens.

“Akori’s Throne” by R. S. Chintalapati tells the story of how two siblings fought for a throne while willing to pay their lives for it. It shows how a few victories mean frivolity even when they offer everything in return.

Illustrated by Ajay Bogati


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  1. Akori’s Dilemma

  2. Irmas Command

  3. Aronicas Summoning

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  1. Athors Absence

  2. Luthers Plea

  3. Nadir’s Blunder

  4. Charlatan’s Throne

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  7. Releasing on 09.03.2023



This contribution is edited by Edlyn ​D’souza, & Sreeram Rajana & illustrated by Ajay Bogati.



This novelette will be available as a paperback & ebook.


Chapter I

Akori’s Dilemma

Out of the infinite fireballs in the universe, Creator Irma, with Mother Nature’s help, could only curate five suns to be habitable. With his power, Irma controlled the heat with an energy shield and built land on the surface of each sun that was otherwise nothing but fire.

Of the five suns, Orelia was the only one left with the direct descendants of Creator Imra, while the Kurlandan family took over the other suns. At dusk, when the burning sky still glowed, however a little dim than at dawn and the cold winds pleasured the sorens [1], most rested, considering it to be night.

One evening, resting in his royal garden while relishing the scent of flowers, Emperor Akori awaited to meet his daughter contemplating the future of his subjects. Apart from hunting and training, Emperor Akori took pleasure in watching the eventide sky that emitted all shades of red.

That evening, Emperor Akori thought to himself, “Isn’t it true that everything in this universe has something to teach us?”

The Emperor, who united the whole of Orelia under his rule through his principles & foresight, now wondered, “Would the Kurlandans take over Orelia too? Is this the end of dominance for Irma’s children?”

Though the Kurlandans admired and bowed to Akori, they wouldn’t miss any opportunity to capture Orelia if presented with one. Emperor Akori knew that his son would be the weak link to provide them with such a chance.

Though Akori’s son Athor was well-educated and mature, he was nothing like his father. The Emperor was troubled that he lacked dominance but was to some extent pleased that he was loved by the councillors for his judgement and views. Though the Emperor had doubts about whether Athor would be a worthy successor, he caved in as he was his only son but his recent actions disappointed him.

Akori’s little confidence in his son’s capabilities was shattered when he learned a heartbreaking truth about him. With the unfolding of events, Akori could foresee the inevitable end of his family line and the ruin of his world after being occupied by the Kurlandans.

Nevertheless, God Irma and Goddess Irmiti had also blessed Akori with a daughter named Aronica. The girl had many of her mother’s characteristics and was the only one who could provide any respite from the pain Akori felt after losing his wife to an unknown sickness. She was the woman he had loved all his life, and without her, Akori never cherished any of his achievements.

The two siblings were quite different in their nature. Athor, who was aptly named after a wise saint, was invested in acquiring knowledge and was one of the few who feared ignorance. He spent most of his time reading and often expressed his hatred for warfare. Most of his admirers often quoted his famous words, “Only weak minds fight with swords while the mighty fight with minds.”

Aronica, on the other hand, was one of the best archers in Orelia. She excelled in warfare and wasn’t fascinated with acquiring as much knowledge as possible. She only learned what was necessary and wasn’t interested in spending a moment more on reading than needed.

For a few days, the Emperor feared about his family’s future and the fate of his Orelia because his son had violated their law and committed a sin that shall not go unpunished. For his son’s crime, Akori has no other option but to crown his daughter for violating another law of their race.

What baffled Akori was that his well-learnt son, who knew their law well and even passed an uncountable number of judgements, broke his moral code and committed a heinous crime that a prince should never even dream of.

This action of Athor convinced the Emperor that his son was just a boy seeking his own benefit than looking up to his subjects, as his words spoke otherwise. The Emperor knew that by crowning the boy, he could make his subjects hate him because his son would force a foreign race to become a part of their family, impure the royal line once and for all.

But Akori couldn’t just crown his daughter too. There were a lot of councillors who would go against it, considering the history of the Sorens. It was pretty evident through the queens from the past that they were a curse, and no one would let another sit on the throne unless forced.

Akori even knew that a few of his councillors and subjects would much rather prefer having a foreign race amongst them as opposed to offering the crown to a woman.

Knowing how these foreign races could act, Akori didn’t want to take the chance. His daughter, in his opinion, continued to be the pride of their family and was mature enough to take up the responsibility.

He heeded the advice he received from the voices of the three beasts’ at Creator Irma’s feet. The voices requested the Emperor to help Creator Irma and Irmiti, and this meant Akori could no longer continue living in his mortal form and should now pass on his crown. He knew he didn’t have a lot of time left.

These voices were the forces that helped Akori on his quest to conquer Orelia, and they guided him all his life. Without them, Akori might not have learnt about his son’s secret. The voices also validated his decision, “A wise choice is to crown your daughter Empress.”

Determined to protect his legacy, he summoned his daughter to inform her about the impending decree that affected the future of Orelia.



  1. Sorens: Creations that lived on the sun are called sorens. They are blessed with long lives & cosmic auras to protect them and are often loyal & determined.


Chapter II