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Akori’s Throne

Updated: 3 days ago

Illustrated by Ajay Bogati

Emperor Akori is summoned to the astral world to lead a force & before he leaves his mortal form; as his last command, he orders his daughter to be crowned instead of his son & heir. However, a girl’s succession isn’t easy amongst the Sorens.

“Akori’s Throne” by R. S. Chintalapati tells the story of how two siblings fought for a throne while willing to pay their lives for it. It shows how a few victories mean frivolity even when they offer everything in return.



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Chapter I

Out of the infinite fireballs in the universe, Creator Irma, with Mother Nature’s help, could only curate five suns to be habitable. With his power, Irma controlled the heat with an energy shield and built land on the surface of each sun that was otherwise nothing but fire.

Of the five suns, Orelia was the only one left with the direct descendants of Creator Irma, while the Kurlandan family took over the other suns. When the burning sky still glowed at dusk, however, a little dim than at dawn, and the cold winds pleasured the sorens [1], most rested, considering it to be night.


Chapter II

While Akori pondered how he should express his point to his daughter, his guards opened the chamber doors, and Aronica walked in. She was sleek with white skin, an oval face, red lips and braided black silky hair that ran up to her waist. Approaching her father, Aronica removed the red aura around her.

Every Soren, since their creation by Creator Irma, has been gifted each of them one of the three auras visible to the naked eye. They were red, blue & green and were created of ruby, sapphire, and emerald, respectively.


Chapter III

She bluntly declared, “You cannot!”

Before Akori said anything else, Aronica leapt a little in surprise. She knew that Sorens would never accept an empress again, and even if they did, she always presumed that her father would never crown her and was never preparing to ascend, even in her wildest dreams.

Tired, Akori replied, “It wasn’t a suggestion Aronica. It was a command!”


Chapter IV

Holding hands, the Emperor and Aronica exited the royal gardens. Before them lay a gigantic gate and the path beyond it that led to Irma’s temple. In the path were a lot of royals as their families were alone permitted to stay in Orelia’s capital; with them, the city had at most ten hundred-thousand non-royal Sorens serving as guards.

Alongside these guards called the Emperor’s personal guards, no force was permitted to enter the city. At the gate, addressing their commander, Akori commanded, “I wish to visit Irma’s Temple.”


Chapter V

More than a thousand Flares stood before the temple in lines with their auras unified. Aronica knew that a force of Celors would not stand a chance against the Flares. No matter the numbers, they could not even cut through the auras, and with Elyern leading them, victory was the only terminus. She was second in command to Akori for two decades, and Celors would be slaughtered without a chance.

Turning towards her, Aronica asked, “Their numbers must not matter, right?” and before Elyern spoke a word, the first trumpet of the Royicans was heard. Looking back at the arriving Celors, Aronica looked at the portals with a tense face and knew their contenders were fast approaching.


Chapter VI

With their king duelling, the Irvendler threw aside their white banners and created spears made of lightning. Hoping to protect the queen they were here for, one of the five generals ordered an attack. Before long, Irvendlers pierced through all the Royicans soldiers. The creations of the Sea could not defend against the weapon that blinded them, and with no shields, they could not match the Irvendlers. Before long, King Nadir realised his time was numbered, so he tried to take Aronica hostage, but Elyern interfered.

She drew her weapon to fight the king, and so did Aronica. Meanwhile, the spears of Lightning burnt everyone with shock as soon as they touched them. With his trident in his right hand and the Colossal sword in his left, King Nadir stuck General Elyern so fiercely that with just a swing, he broke her weapon and cut her into two pieces.


Chapter VII

Hoping to confront her brother and possibly even arrest him for treason, Aronica rushed to the throne hall. She knew that he would be unbeatable as long as he sat on the throne. The Charlatan throne, also known as Akori’s throne, was a transparent artefact built from the backbones of a few Celors.

Long ago, when Emperor Akori conquered the Celors, he demanded his captors make him a throne worthy of their skill. Following the orders, the masons used the victim’s backbones to stand, imbibed them with an emotional soul, and then built the throne using glass. Later, using charms, they ensured that the master of that throne could not be hurt, no matter the weapon or power. Along with the throne, two hundred fifty chairs of almost the same capacity were made. At the top of every chair, the sigil of every kingdom was placed on a golden tablet.


Chapter VIII

Storming into the castle, Luther faced Athor and the Celor princess, but between them stood a thousand flares with their swords unsheathed. Glancing at the charming king of the skies, Athor chanted the spell causing slow death, turning the blades slowly to dark green, making them poisonous and as strong as a diamond.

Noticing the Flares who were to be doomed, Luther smiled and cast a spell that powered a few of his men to freeze his enemies while striking them with lightning. Aronica also cast a spell that set ablaze every spear in the army. Raising his torched spear, Luther put his helm and shouted, “For Akori!”


Chapter IX

Turning around, Aronica saw all the councillors stand in silence, and for once, she realised what had changed her father’s mind. She could not believe her blood did what he did. When her gaze turned toward Luther, his eyes showed her course of action, but Aronica was not ready.

Looking down at the floor, Aronica silently walked back when Luther remarked, “Emperor Akori was my guardian, and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him. One of you has stained on his life’s work. I plead that the other not do it too.”


Chapter X

There was a gasp in the hall, and Athor crashed on the floor dead. Everyone in the council was shocked while Kriti screamed at the top of her voice, running towards Luther. Aronica, who was still kneeling with tears in her eyes, pulled her dagger from her belt and cut Kriti’s left leg as she passed by her.

With the fall of their Emperor, all councillors did not have a choice. The Irvendlers hailed their king, and some even shouted, “Empress Aronica!”

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07 mai 2023

Brilliant work Ravi! Kudos to your imagination 🙌

Loved the way you vividly shared the fantasy world. Curious to see the Athor's reasoning. Hope I haven't said too much if you are already working on it ;). Was gratiying to see Aronica's trajectory through out the chapters till the end when she eventually consummates her role as the Empress. Will check out the other related ones. Keep it coming man!

R.S. Chintalapati
R.S. Chintalapati
08 mai 2023
En réponse à

Thank you Jeevan! Glad you liked it. More of the backstory is being planned to be written in God's Council. I will keep you posted.

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