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God’s Council: The Four Auins

Updated: Jul 12

God’s Council is the story of eleven Creators, the original forms of life created by the Eternal Energy worshiped as God. After many galecs, these Creators created humans, fairies and many more.

The Four Auins is the first book in the God’s Council series about the birth of the four brothers. The story begins galecs after Vernakula created humans and when Irunkula, the youngest of the Kulas decides to create fairies. However, before the fairies were created, the Kulas are attacked by an army of crimson wexs. Though the Kulas win, their portal to travel across the Omasian Universe is sealed and after the war, Orunkula and Irunkula are never the same again.

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This contribution is edited by Ahna Sahi, R. K. Chamarla, Sreeraj Kolora & Tarun Chintam.



This novel is available as a paperback & ebook.


The Kulas

It is said that the Eternal Energy whom many Creators refer to as God, created only eleven forms. These forms were children with extraordinary powers who were also gifted a paradise to live in. They were called Omas, Arios, Irma, Irmiti, Pathra, Pathri, Authur, Elrik, Orunkula, Irunkula and Vernakula. While they were divided amongst themselves, the Kulas were the last three and belonged to one family. They were given three Celestial Homes to rule after the Creators Pact. While Orunkula the eldest and the Soul Master of Kulas did not create life, Vernakula and Irunkula lacked the vision for creations for many galecs. However, later, Omas helped Vernakula create humans for many kalecs and Irunkula created the fairies after humans were created. All the three Kulas carried the soul twigs and were amazingly beautiful.


Chapter I

As Irma’s Celestial Ruby radiated in the onyx black sky, the castle of Mother Vernakula glittered afloat in the sky. Closing her eyes, she could observe thousands of souls craving and she offered most of them, the rebirths, they wished for. The majestic castle had nothing more than a flooring of glittering gemstones in basil green and azure blue color. Though huge, the entire castle was isolated.

The rays of the Celestial Ruby reflected on her milky face and on the pear green gemstone at the center of her golden crown. Finishing her daily chores, she opened her mint green eyes to relish the cold winds that were playing with her long black silky hair. Looking at the rays, she wondered, “If I am tired with just one creation, I wonder how hard would it have been for Irma and Irmiti?”

A moment later, enjoying the warmth, she said to herself, “No wonder Omas loves Irma so dearly.”

While she was lost in thought, in the center of hall, Aelius appeared on the circle of azure hue gemstones in the center of hall. A five feet tall man in his twenties with broad shoulders, black curly hair and glorious green eyes walked in for the first time with a feeling of reverence looking at the grandeur of the hall. The King of Verni wore a royal felken with an emerald embedded in its center. He kneeled in front of the Mother.

Looking at him, Vernakula said, “Welcome King Aelius, ruler of Verni. I have always wanted you to be the man you were meant to be and after all these kalecs, it has turned out that, perhaps, you have lived up to my expectations.”

As Aelius stood listening, Vernakula continued, “I felt betrayed when I saw you walking away from your responsibility to relish your desires and if it weren’t for your father, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. After all this, do not assume that I trust you. I know deep inside that you love another woman more than your wife but since I haven’t got many illirens to spare, I have summoned you in the hope of a better future.”

Enchanted by Mother’s radiance, Aelius stood stunned for a moment and later coming back to his senses, he said, “I apologize for what has happened Mother, I will fulfill your request.”

Smiling as she heard him, Vernakula said, “My son Aelius, I wish you to become the first Celestial Home Emperor of Vernakulan. I hope you won’t disapprove my request.”

As soon as Aelius heard it, his mind raced, “Conquering the Celestial Home? Can my forces even win against Raiders? What would be the fate of my people after I march to war and lose?”

Understanding that he needs time, Vernakula waited patiently. Thinking twice about what he wished to say, Aelius whispered, “I cannot Mother.”

Standing up from her throne and walking down the steps, Vernakula gently created a cup of ealix and passed it to Aelius. While he tasted the most delicious ealix, Vernakula said, “Even though my brothers were against the idea of me creating humans as my children, I trusted in myself and created them with the souls presented to me by my elder brother Orunkula. Like all the Creators, I wished that my creations would all be united but humans have always seeked supremacy and power. Only a few are wise while most are lost in their desires. Even that doesn’t bother me. But what displeases me is the laws a few rulers enact. I have seen kings burning their prisoners, men selling orphans like animals and waging wars as their kings are crooked in nature. I wish you to conquer the Celestial Home because I want you to enact laws and make our Celestial Home a better place under your administration. In short, I wish you to be Vernkulan’s first Celestial Home Emperor.”

Finishing his ealix, Aelius did like the notion but he didn’t believe in himself as he was nothing more than an ordinary king in a Celestial Home filled with more powerful men. He asked out of curiosity, “Mother, I am pleased with your intention but I am no more than a mortal and I would like to know why have I been chosen to complete this quest?”

Vernakula knew it wasn’t easy for any king to accept such a quest and she also knew for a fact that Aelius would ask her this question, she replied, “You must understand that being Creators, we have a few souls that we believe would serve a great purpose in our creations. These souls filled with knowledge from their previous births are called illierns and every Creator uses them to accomplish their quests. Aelius, you are one of the noble souls but you must understand that you can either win the whole Celestial Home or dig your own grave. Being a mortal is just a belief you hold deep within.”

Aelius thought for a moment and understood that if he wasn’t capable enough, Mother wouldn’t have taken so much of her time to make it happen. Wishing to fulfil her desire, Aelius said, “Mother, with your gracious blessing, I would begin the quest and I promise till my last breath, I shall serve to complete it. However I want you to promise me something in return.”

Vernakula laughed and her voice echoed and knowing for a fact how her creations seek their materialistic desires, she said without further ado, “I promise you that I shall bless you with a child as a descendant.”

Bowing in happiness, Aelius walked back to the circle of azure blue gemstones and just before he disappeared Vernakula said, “Remember son, everything I promised would go in vain the moment you commit a mistake and regretting it later wouldn’t change much as powerful men do not have the privilege of learning from their mistakes as these mistakes might cost others a fortune.


Chapter II

Sitting on his chair on the topmost chamber of Tri Tower built on the black sky, Commander Gelrik was reading a book titled “Mighty Axes by Elvrin”, as he regularly did. He was a stone creation from the Celestial Home of Irma with a lean face, pointed eyes and ears, brown skin and transparent eyes. He was perhaps, one of the few Jertins who had travelled to Creator Omas’s Celestial Homes and knew quite a few legendary warriors like Emperor Lancelot, Hector and Anarlis. However, being a commander of Jertins, he had to travel from one Celestial Home to another and his responsibility was to protect the Kula's portal as of now. This portal built by Creators Authur and Omas along with the Ultimate Master was a way to travel to the other parts of universe. All the portals had guardians protecting them and these creations were trained in the God’s Council by chiefs, on the command of Creator Irma.

The guardians were differentiated based on the wexs, Jertins were one amongst many and they were the second most powerful. They were named after their chief who trained them and commander Gelrik was one of the best pupils who owned a wex of snow white gemstone. He now commanded the third and last line of defense before the portal of Kulas.

Gelrik was reading, “Creator Omas did not just gift his children with magic but also gifted his children with love and empathy as he very well knew that emotions will define a creation more than their powers ever will” and as soon as he completed the sentence, the chamber doors opened all of a sudden and a Jertin rushed in. On seeing his lavender felken, Gelrik recognised him to be from the first line of defense managed by Chief Jertin himself. Following him were two guards who were trying to stop him from entering without permission. Placing his book on the table, Gelrik asked, “What is it? What brings you here?”

Closing his broad lilac colored wings, Jertin said, “I bring grave news commander. The first line of defence has been decimated, an army of ten thousand crimson wexs have crushed us with a surprise attack. Their generals were so powerful that their charms destroyed the walls within a moment. I was sent here to warn of the impending danger.

Gelrik stood from his chair shocked and looking into Jertin’s lavender eyes, he asked, “What? Chief Jertin is dead?”

The Jertin bowed his head in silence and Gelrik stood shocked. He thought, “Crimson wex? There isn’t any race that uses such weapons.”

He was one of the few commanders who requested to build more communication rather than just use messengers but the Chiefs in the God’s Council proudly refused, boasting that there hasn’t been and never will be an army that could defeat even their first line of defence.

Reaching towards the Jertin, Gelrik ordered, “I want you to go to Creator Orunkula, inform his highness about the peril and request his help as without him, we would be doomed. Now, leave at once!”

The Jertin walked out and jumped off the corridor into the darkness. A moment later, as he fell down, he spread open his lilac wings that illuminated in the darkness. The guards who entered behind the messenger waited for orders and Gelrik instructed them to request Creator Irunkula and Vernakula for help.

The guards at once opened their broad ivory coloured wings and jumped off the fort and commander Gelrik walked out of his chamber and bellowed, “Prepare for battle!”

Soon enough, a few Jertins started playing jarpks while the others on the third line of the wall started to open their ivory white and sapphire blue wings.


Chapter III

Sitting on his throne with eyes closed, Orunkula, the Soul Master and eldest of all the three Kulas was talking to Omas and Irma in the Septon’s Hall of God’s Council through his cosmic form. The Septon Hall built for all the Soul Masters to communicate with their cosmic forms had four thrones and as of now the fourth throne was empty. After a long talk, Irma said, “My brother Creator Pathra is very happy as we finally created our children but my beloved wife Irmiti has always been worried about him.”

While Omas smirked, Orunkula said looking at the elegant Irma, “I believe Creator Irmiti worries for no reason as Creator Pathra is one of the extraordinary warriors in our council. Let us not forget that if it wasn’t for him, all of us apart from Creator Omas would have been destroyed at the hands of disgraceful Creator Authur.”

While Irma stayed silent, Omas curiously asked Orunkula, “Haven’t you yet come up with any notions for your creations? I believe you see humans as disgraceful but I suggest you can create one of the races of Creator Irma as he is a magnificent Creator.”

Orunkula did not say a word as usual and Irma ended the silence saying, “If that is all for now, I would like to talk to you later. As always it has been a pleasure.” Finishing his words, Irma disappeared and Omas followed him. Looking at the empty hall filled with different gemstones, Orunkula opened his eyes to see his empty hall filled with golden color gemstones with azure blue gemstones in the center.

He stood up and enjoying the cold winds, he thought, “Creations? Why should I waste my power on filthy creations who don’t even consider me worthy?”

Meanwhile Xelira, the only human creation Orunkula has ever created to fulfill his lust walked towards him from one of the chambers to his right. He crafted her as he desired the most beautiful of all the woman that ever lived only to be his.

Orunkula walked down the stairs that had molten gold pouring down till the last step. He embraced her and asked, “What is it? You seem to be worried?”

Placing her head on his chest that was covered with honey colored felken, she replied, “I sometimes feel I was created to only fulfill your pleasures my lord and as rings pass, I worry that a mortal like me could be replaced by another. A desire like lust is unquenchable and for an immortal Creator like you, love is a danger than pleasure.”

Raising her head and kissing her carmine lips while she closed her bumblebee colored eyes, Orunkula whispered, “Fear not my love, I always have and will love you alone forever.”

After a moment of silence, Xelira requested “Then promise me my lord that you shall bless me with children, as nothing in this Celestial Home can make me more happy and nothing is in my opinion more beautiful and precious than children.”

Orunkula knew her desire. Being a Creator, he knew how humans were. First comes love and then pleasure. When they are satisfied with both, they seek offsprings. While Xelira still rested on his chest placing her head waiting for an answer, Orunkula took a deep breath and put it straight forward “My love, you have always given me the utmost pleasure and fulfilled my desires but to have children isn’t simple. However, I promise that in the circles to come, I will fulfill your wish if everything happens as expected, but until then you must be patient.”

Xelria raised her head and smiled in happiness looking at Orunkula, while he looked into her eyes and thought, “I must find a way to destroy her desire. Children with her would lead to my banishment from the God’s Council.”


Chapter IV

Orunkula and Xelria spent sometime in their private chamber and as soon as she fell asleep, he walked to the main hall. As soon as he entered, he saw many tiny orange colour dots joining before him. Observing them keenly, Orunkula smiled and a few moments later all the dots connected and his younger brother Irunkula, the most attractive amongst all the Kulas appeared in the center of hall above the azure blue gemstones.

He had pale white skin, sharp black eyebrows which covered his precious sandstone hue eyes, black silky hair till his shoulders and white felken covering his chest.

After both stared at each other for a moment, Irunkula asked, “Trying to enjoy the Celestial Ruby’s warmth brother? Perhaps, it can never surpass the warmth your creation is giving you, could it?”

Orunkula smiled while both sat on golden chairs that formed beneath them and in between them formed a round table with two cups filled with ealix. Sipping the sweet ealix, Orunkula curiously asked “So brother, did you finally make up your mind for your creations? Because the last time you promised to meet me only after you sorted it out.”

Irunkula looked at the hall after a long time and nothing has changed. The lonely hall which he called the golden graveyard was filled with a strange atmosphere. Though he heard his brother, he initially wanted to ask, “The last time I came here, I warned you that having a creation to satisfy your sexual desire is a sin. Haven’t you promised me to destroy her? Haven’t you promised to never repeat such a mistake?”

Orunkula was fedup, he wasn’t in a mood to talk about Xelria. So he impatiently replied, “I wish your visit does has a reason apart from pointing out my weakness I suppose.”

Knowing that Orunkula would get furious if asked more, Irunkula closed his eyes for a moment and then said, “So brother, I have finally made up my mind to create a race and I wish to call them fairies. They will have wings and would be born with magical powers and many other boons.”

While Irunkula spoke about fairies, Orunkula wondered why he was being told all about it because if his younger brother did make up his mind, he would have created them by now, as the Soul Core for creation was already given to him long ago. Still Irunkula concluded saying, “I wish to tell you this because I need your help to create the fairies.”

Orunkula placed down his cup and asked, “Help? What exactly do you want me to do?”

Irunkula hesitated for a moment and said, “I wish that my creations have two souls instead of one and as you know that without the approval of the Soul Master, I cannot create such a race, so, here I am requesting your help.”

Now it made sense to Orunkula, standing up from his chair, he walked towards his brother and said, “I cannot defy the rules of creations by gifting your fairies to possess two souls just to fulfill your desire of creating a supreme race. I am very sorry brother.”

Looking at his brother politely refusing made Irunkula furious and he shouted, “You created a woman to satisfy your desire but cannot approve this because it is against the rules? You are a disgrace to the Kulas!”

Hearing Irunkula shout, as his voice echoed in the sky castle, Xelria woke up and while she still lay on the bed, she heard Orunkula furiously shout, “If you wish, I will create as many beautiful women as you want to fulfill your desire but what you have asked shall never be fulfilled!”


Chapter V

All generals assembled in Chief General Alian’s chamber located beside the royal quaters for the third time and along with them was King Aelius. In the first meeting, Aelius ordered his generals to suggest him their notions after he revealed them about his desire to conquer the Celestial Home and become the first Celestial Home Emperor. Most generals were awestruck as their king was known to be a strong supporter of peace.

Their kingdom Verni, located in the center of Vernakulan, was self sustainable and most people lived gladly as they had lots of food, wealth and beyond everything a noble king who looked after them as his own children. They believed in him and no matter how difficult situations turned, they knew that King Aelius would take good care of them but with this ambition of conquering the Celestial Home, most generals believed, King Aelius might not only lose the faith of the people but might also kill young men for his greed of power.

Generals started proposing their ideas after they failed in persuading their King to let go off his foolish ambition of conquering the Celestial Home. Two of the six generals proposed that they must start conquering from the west, in the second meeting as they regarded uniting the weakest and small kingdoms would give them more power than conquering a vast kingdom because even victory would cost them many lives.

Settling down for the third meeting, three generals picked their cups to sip ealix. As soon as they sat and on either sides of the long rectangular laer wooden table, most of them looked at their King waiting for him to speak. However to their surprise, chief general Alian, an old man, lean with pale white skin and poisonous green eyes stated, “Generals, as suggested in the last meeting though we initially wanted to conquer the small kingdoms, King Aelius did not agree to it as uniting the entire west would take kalecs to conquer but instead our King promises to win over the complete west with just one war on the Raiders.”

All generals looked at Alian shocked as Raider kingdom is the most powerful kingdom in the central Celestial Home and was arguably even the most powerful in the entire Celestial Home. All generals wondered how Alian, the master to most of them including the King himself had accepted this.

Meanwhile Alian continued, “Nothing is more powerful than fear and our king believes that by destroying one huge kingdom, he can instill fear into the hearts of all the other kings.”

Before any general raised an objection to the madness, Aelius firmly said, “War against the Raiders is final and if anyone wants to say something, it better be helpful to fight them.”

All generals sat calm while Aelius concluded saying, “Prepare for battle!”

While they walked out all other generals rushed to Alian and Jerin, the second most powerful general in ranks asked, “Master Alian, it is madness to march against Raiders. We would get killed and no matter how we plan, we would be digging our own graves if this war happens.”

Alian looked at all other generals for a moment. He could see their tensed faces and in order to comfort them he said, “Trust me. This war would be remembered for the ages to come. Just trust me and march with me.”

Though generals wanted more assurance, Alian walked to his room without another word.


Chapter VI

As Vernakula sat on her throne meditating, her castle doors opened and Irunkula walked in furiously disturbing her. She opened her eyes and could see her brother closing his orange wings and shouting, “He says it is against the nature of creations!”

Vernakula smiled looking at her angry brother and asked, “I presaged you that the pursuit is futile, didn’t I? Both of us knew for a fact that he would certainly refuse to disobey the rules of God’s Council.”

Standing up from her throne, Vernakula walked towards her brother and while both of them reached the center of the hall standing on the azure hue stones while, the cold winds swirled around them. They sat on the olive green chairs that formed beneath them.

Vernakula created a cup of ealix, passed it to her brother and asked, “So anything else that has changed in Orunkula’s Hall?”

Sipping the warm ealix, Irunkula hastily replied, “You know our brother. Everything is just the same. The silent hall, darkness and the woman’s warm...” and he abruptly stopped cursing himself deep down. Hearing him say woman, Vernakula curiously asked, “Woman? I did not lend any of my creations to serve him. Which woman?”

Fearing that his brother would destroy him if he would speak about Xelria, Irunkula sat silent contemplating. At the same moment, two Jertins from the third line of defence with ivory white wings walked in closing their wings after Vernakula acknowledged their request by opening her castle doors.

Even after they entered, Vernakula glanced at them for a moment and turned to look back at her brother for an answer. Meantime Irunkula gawked at the Jertins and asked, “What brings two Jertins to Creator Vernakula?”

Both Jertins bowed and then one of them answered, “Creator Irunkula and Vernakula, we bring you news from commander Gelrik in the third line of defence. A few rings ago there has been an attack on the first line of defense by an army holding crimson wexs. These soldiers led by powerful generals have destroyed two lines of defence while the third might by now be under attack. We were sent to seek your help in defending the portal.”

Vernakula trembled as she heard crimson wex because she well knew whom they belonged to. Meanwhile Irunkula said in disbelief, “Crimson wex can never be used. He has fallen.”

Looking at the Jertin, Vernakula ordered, “We would fight to defend the portal. However we would need Creator Orunkula as his power is unparalleled compared to us.”

The other Jertin said, “A messenger has been sent, Creator Vernakula.”


Chapter VII

Unlike any kingdom in Vernakulan, Raiders were ruled by three generals born to the same father. Located to the north of Verni in the central part of Vernakulan Celestial Home, Raiders, named after their huge army of verp raiders, have been invincible since ialecs but even the greatest forces can be wiped off existence by intimate desires.

Eric, the third chief general of Raiders, arrived after an evening ride along the sea coast to his fort and while his guards took his verp, a general came to him and whispered, “My lord, General Alian from Verni is here. As instructed, I took him to your private chamber in secrecy.”

Eric walked towards his chamber as soldiers bowed in the corridors and in between the soldiers were maids holding drinks on trays. General Eric, a tall man with broad chest, big jade green eyes and a poison green verp symbol on his breast plate, took a cup of sharil from one of the maids before he reached his chamber to see General Alian sitting in the only chair.

Standing up to greet Eric, General Alian lovingly said, “I am glad you accepted my proposal. Nothing pleases me more given our situation.”

With nothing to say Eric just smiled back and Alian looking at his face continued, “You might have learnt that King Aelius plans to invade your kingdom to mark the inception for his quest of conquering the complete Celestial Home. However, it doesn’t take a wise man to spell out the fact that a gigantic province like Raiders ruled by three powerful generals is invincible and it has come to my knowledge through my men that you wish to crown yourself in the future and here we are.”

Putting down his cup, Eric walked to the chair and sitting in it, he firmly asked, “What would my support lend me? Betrayal is a stain for a lifetime and I wish there is something that you can offer to persuade me in completing this endeavour for you.”

Alian smirked and after a moment of silence he said, “As I promised in my letter, if we win the war, I would ensure that King Aelius would crown you and your betrayal shall not be written or spoken because we, as victors, would have the power to dictate anything. Later, I would also make King Aelius personally gift you a portion of the taxes to your private treasury, making you one of the richest men alive.”

“You think you are actually gifting me great things but the fact is I can get all of them if I defeat your kingdom. Perhaps, your proposal isn’t as convincing as you wrote it in the letter and moreover, you keep telling me that you would make your king do it, clearly indicating your king doesn’t accept to these terms yet.”, said Eric bluntly looking at General Alian who stood before him.

Alian knew he made his point and for one last time asked, “General Eric, you know what I am offering you is perhaps your dream and you very well know my power in Verni. If you would join to support us, perhaps, never in your life shall you have to share anything with your brothers again. So, I ask you for the last time, will you support?”

Eric looked at Alian sternly for a moment and smiled. Standing up he replied, “Indeed I will. If just a bow can make me king and my entire lineage rich perhaps it is worth it.”

Alian firmly stated, “So when the jarpks are played during the war, your men must fight for us and I promise you that your dreams shall come true. One last thing, next time treat your guests with the respect they deserve.”

Looking at Alian’s black face, Eric just smiled again.


Chapter VIII

When Vernakula and Irunkula appeared on the azure stones on the third wall of defence, they could see thousands of soldiers holding crimson wexs fighting against the Jertins. A small part of third wall had been destroyed and seeing Jertins being killed every passing moment, both the Kulas tried to make a plan. Meanwhile, a creation with its body covered fully with armor walked towards them. As they turned towards him, they could notice Gelrik’s head on his soul twig, while the body lay dead behind him.

Covered with crimson felken and qualif, the creation who was as lean as a stick, hit the wall with his soul twig so hard that the wall beneath them collapsed killing many Jertins and soldiers alike. Both the Kulas and the creation opened their wings and Irunkula shouted, “Before I snap off your neck, I want to know how you acquired these weapons?”

The crimson color was of the fallen Creator and according to the law of creations, if a Creator is killed their creations can no longer possess gifted powers. However before the Kulas stood literally thousands of weapons with his aura.

The creation held furiously, “I am a son of Creator Authur and I have come to avenge my father's death. Your dishonesty and injustice has killed his form, however, he continues to live through us.”

Without a moment of delay, Vernakula flew towards him and created a soul twig trying to kill the creation. Green soul twig shined in the rays of Celestial Ruby and the creation just defended himself with his derik, while creating a wex with his other hand. He tried attacking Vernakula using his wex but Irunkula stopped him with his soul twig and the creation cast a spell and both the Kulas fell far away from him.

While Vernakula thought, “He definitely is his son as no one else can throw off Creators.” Irunkula casted a spell of blindness but the creation stood without flinching. For a long time, both the Kulas tried attacking him with different charms but the creation stood least affected and his attack would throw them away.

The creation understood that he needed more protection and created a purple ring of death around him while both the Creators wondered what he just created.

As they were wondering, Orunkula arrived on the azure blue stones of the destroyed wall. Opening his golden wings, he flew and stood in between his siblings. Looking at the creation, he wondered how to kill him while Irunkula looked at his elder brother and said, “Brother, he is the son of Authur!”

As soon as he heard the name, Orunkula created a golden soul twig and flying towards the creation, Orunkula hit him so hard that the creation couldn’t defend even after casting three different spells of defense. A huge ball of light formed around the creation and every soldier with a crimson wex started running back seeing their master fail. For a moment everyone else closed their eyes unable to see the light while Orunkula heard the creation whisper “You have done a grave mistake and now you shall destroy the Kulas yourself. Hail Authur!”

A moment later, when the creation fell on the ground dead, Orunkula shouted in pain. Vernakula and Irunkula rushed towards their brother to see what happened and as they reached him, Orunkula regaining his strength looked at the Kulas portal turning black. He assured, “I am all right. I just felt like thousand wexs piercing into into me for a moment. Now everything is alright.”

All the three Creators entered the closing portal to reach the other side and rest of the few Jertins who are alive stayed back while the portal closed completely. Along with the Creations, flashed a beam of light which disappeared into the darkness.

“This attack has destroyed everything, hasn’t it? The portal has been closed and most of our Jertins were killed”, exclaimed Irunkula while all the three Kulas stood behind the portal, which was now completely black but translucent.

Vernakula struck the portal with her soul twig and the very next moment her soul twig shattered into pieces. Looking at the portal, Orunkula said, “Worry not, I will find a way to open it again.”


Chapter IX

Xelria stood before the throne in the lonely castle looking at it, she imagined a young boy sitting on it but soon recalled Orunkula’s words and her hope faded. Her eyes filled with tears as she felt betrayed for being used by the man who just loved for pleasure. While she pitied herself, Orunkula appeared in the hall of the castle and as soon as he arrived, he shouted, “My love, I am back!”

Hearing him, Xelria wiped her tears and rushed with her loose black hair and her white gown sweeping away the floor to hug him. Embracing her back Orunkula whispered, “Sorry, my love. I am in a hurry as I have to leave to the Celestial Enchanters and learn something very important but before I do anything else, I have come to you to fulfill your long lasting dream of having children.”

Saying that, Orunkula created a golden cup filled with blue ealix which he called the enchanted drink. He sprinkled five souls into the ealix and looking at it, Xelria was shocked. Moments later, her happiness knew no bounds as her everlasting desire was about to come true. He passed on the cup and instructed, “Drink this enchanted ealix and in thirty rings you would be blessed with beautiful children and I promise to return by then to see them.”

Xelria kissed Orunkula filled with joy and moments before he left he said, “You would need help and here are four maids who will always be with you to serve you.” As he concluded, he clapped and four maids short in height, pale white in colour with bob hair wearing black robes and faces with unusually long nose appeared above the azure stones and walked towards Xelria.

Before Xelria told anything to Orunkula, he disappeared while one of the four maids said, “My lady, all of us shall serve you from this very moment and we would take care of everything you need. Please let us serve you to our very best.”

Xelria looking at the four maids curiously wondered about their creation. Unable to figure out, she asked, “You don’t seem like any creations I have ever seen. Who are you and where have you come from?”

While the first three maids got tensed, the fourth maid replied without hesitation, “We have come from the third Celestial Home of Crimsons. We are called Arins in our Celestial Home and we serve our masters called Auins. We have accepted the gracious request from Creator Orunkula to take care of you in this moment of need.”

Xelria walked to her room wondering where the third Celestial Home of Crimsons is located. The head of all Arins who just replied to her mistress immediately instructed, “I hope the three of you remember what Creator Orunkula has told us. One of us should talk about how dreams define any creations, the second one should talk about ego, the third should talk about how strongly our emotions define any creation and the fourth one should talk about learning the internal desires. By the time the babies are born, they shall be the greatest warriors in the entire universe.”


Chapter X

Irunkula sat on his throne listening to songs sung by the souls in his Soul Core that floated above the azure stones in the center of the hall. Enjoying the songs, he wondered about the Crimson wexs and a moment later he thought if he would have to end up creating humans like his sister even though he disliked them. He loved to create the fairies because he could gift them the power to conquer their desire, which is what most races aren’t capable of, but his whole creation rested upon the idea of having two souls because he wished the second soul, called the magical soul, would comprise of evil desires.

Being a Creator, he wished that his creations would not crave within the cycle of unending explorations and expeditions filled with evil desires. Satisfaction and happiness filled with content was what he wished for his creations. This was the sole purpose he came up with an idea to create fairies and instead of one soul, he would gift them two souls. While one soul shall gift them life, the other soul shall suck out their evil desires as soon as they are created.

The desirable soul could be cast out using his magic and the fairies shall live with the life soul forever with only productive desires. He defined the thoughts and wrote the code for bad and good thoughts which he called the Irun Law. If any creations of his fails to obey, shall have to be gifted rebirth in a new form. Everything was perfect but Orunkula, the Soul Master of Kulas did not accept as any creation should not have two souls according to the laws of creation.

While Irunkula looked at the Soul Core covered with Ornium metal and blue flame around it, all of sudden Orunkula appeared. Even before Irunkula stood up from his throne to say something, he said, “Brother, I agree to permit you to create life with two souls. I apologize for not accepting it earlier and I hope your races flourish in the galecs to come.”

While Irunkula looked at his elder brother curiously wondering what changed his mind, Orunkula asked, “When are you going to start brother?”

Irunkula stood silent for a few moments and later answered, “I am glad that you have finally made up your mind to help me brother. I would start creating life soon, but tell me, what changed your mind?”

Orunkula smiled and turned back to see the Soul Core. He chanted a hex and the ball covered in blue flames now became two equally sized small Soul Cores- one of lighter blue color flame while the other is of light yellow. Turning towards his brother, he said, “Irunkula, here is what you have asked for. Start your creations and I wish they live long through the ages to come. Make sure you use your illierns well!”

Irunkula looked at the Soul Cores in amazement and Orunkula disappeared before his brother got the answer he asked for.


Chapter XI

Leading thousands of men, general Alian sat on his brownish black verp waiting for the Raiders to arrive while King Aelius was just beside him was looking looking at his men. Though Alian struck a deal with general Eric, he did not indeed want King Aelius to know about it as he wished the twist, be revealed in the battle and if everything would go as planned, there wouldn’t be a huge loss of soldiers.

The first three lines of cavalry had two men sitting on each verp; the first man held a soul twig to pierce the hearts of their enemies, the second person held lightens to hunt his enemies. Behind the three lines were ten lines of soldiers with wexs on verps and the last ten lines were lightens alone.

Though cold winds swirled in the battle field, the Celestial Ruby’s rays spread across to witness the war amongst the Kulas humans. A while later, the Raider forces arrived and they stopped a mile away and all that King Aelius could see was verps in the first line. Leading the entire army were three generals and general Eric said, “Brothers, as we planned, the initial attack would be by two of you and I will join along with my forces later.”

The first raider, a man in his fifties with a muscular body covered with felken riding a verp in peer green color boasted, “I am sure it would not last that long. Look at their soldiers, quivering in fear, our men shall bury them in their tombs even before they even strike us.”

The first raider continued talking with his commanding voice, “Tonight all Raiders shall not only feast in victory but will also show everyone that we bury all those who challenge our rule! We shall mark on every tombstone of Verni soldiers that they challenged the Immortals and dug their own graves!”

The second raider immediately held his soul twig and pointing it forward started riding. Behind him followed the first raider and two segments of the complete army wearing peer green felken and sitting on their verps they rode as fast as they could. They were overconfident about their victory.

King Aelius smirked looking at them and thought, “For an army led by men who count the numbers to win a war, they will all be proved wrong; I pity them as they would die before they hurt my men.”

Alian looked at the Raiders racing towards them on their verps with their green felken shining and their flag bearers shouting, “To victory!”

King Aelius waited until they reached the range of their lightens and then shouted, “Now!” and the first round of lightens were set loose and while the lightens were on their journey to kill the Raiders, an internal voice said to King Aelius, “Curse them with blindness” and without wasting a moment he faintly said, “Darkerk!” and all the Raiders as soon as they were hit, turned blind!

Turning blind some of the Raiders couldn’t control their verps and crashed onto others. Most of them died after being shot by lightens but some were injured and became blind. After the second round of lightens were shot, general Alian shouted, “Attack!” and Verni’s soldiers raced forward and the men in the first line placed their soul twigs forward while archers behind them shot.

Just before both the armies clashed, King Aelius faintly said, “Shatterian!” and as soon as the soul twigs of his soldiers touched the Raiders, they shattered in pieces and their blood spilled on the green land. While the lightens made them blind, the soul twigs shattered them and within a few moments, most of them were killed.

King Aelius finally said, “Delusian!” and the few Raiders fighting against them killed each other and all the Verni soldiers looked at their weapons for a moment amazed with the magic and then looked at their king, for thousands of men were ripped off in moments and never in history had they seen anything like this.

The third raider general Eric did not even dare to march and he came forward on his verp alone and getting down, he fell on his knees and pleaded, “King Aelius, I swear in the name of Raiders, we shall serve and follow your command if you spare our lives out of mercy, as we have witnessed your invincible power that could destroy thousands.”

Aelius got down his verp and walked towards general Eric and standing before him he said, “I shall grant you mercy if you promise that you shall make every soldier of yours march to various kingdoms and tell everyone what they have witnessed this ring. I would like them to speak to all kings and warn them that this is what shall happen if they wouldn’t bow to Verni.”

Placing his head at the feet of King Aelius, general Eric said, “Yes, my Emperor.”


Chapter XII

After teleporting from his brother’s castle, Orunkula travelled to one of the three Celestial Enchanters. For every Kula Celestial Home there is a Celestial Enchanter; the one which Orunkula now visited, was of the Orunkulan Celestial Home and violet in color, with an Archaic Ministry on it.

As he appeared on azure stones in the center of the city of Lorgil, Orunkula could see the huge castle far away. Before him was a wide street filled with Pethers, creations who communicated with other universes through their internal voice. Beside every Pether was an Arc guarding them. These creations including the Masters were created by Creator Pathra and they lived in Celestial Enchanters. They were created to establish communication and all the three creations together were called the Archaics because of their origin.

As Orunkula walked down the street, Pethers wearing white robes bowed kneeling and kissed the ground while the Pethers wearing the blue robes bowed. The Arcs also bowed when the Soul Master passed by them.

Most of them were amazed by looking at the golden aura around Orunkula. Walking on the radiating violet land, he reached the Ministry of Masters. As he ascended the stairs to walk into the Ministry, Arcs guarding it opened the doors.

Walking inside, he could see thousands of Masters sitting in their sapphire chairs discussing and from what Orunkula could hear, it was about demolition of the defense and closing of the Kulas portal.

While one of them shouted, “It has been rings since our Pethers lost communication and we haven’t even written to the Soul Master!” another shouted, “We have failed the purpose we have been created for!” and when they saw Orunkula walk in, everyone became silent. The chief of Masters stood up and looking at the Creator, he said, “Welcome Soul Master, we have been hoping of your arrival. As you can see, we have all assembled to discuss the solution for our current crisis.”

Looking at the Master who was unusually short, wearing his violet felken, staring through his single eye beneath his neatly stowed brownish black hair and radiating crown made of white gems, Orunkula said, “I see no point in your debate Chief Master. Truth is that, everyone of you know the way to break the portal but it is your desire to preserve your most prized possession.”

One of the Masters shouted, “For a Creator who is gifted with long circle of life, life would not need such prized possessions but what must be remembered is that we, the Archaics. have a short circle of life.”

Hearing it Orunkula became furious while the Chief Master calmed him saying, “My friend meant that without the stones of Elixir, we would have to die as being blessed with a short circle of life of just ten kalecs, most of us are solely dependent on it Creator Orunkula.”

Orunkula replied, “Chief Master, when Pathra created all the three universal creations namely Masters, Arcs and Pethers to live in Celestial Enchanters, he knew that with a long lifetime, your thoughts would be corrupted, given the potency of your powers. Even you know for a fact that it is the reason he limited your circle of life to be short. However, one of the Masters wished for longevity and Creator Pathra was gracious in gifting every family five Elixir stones. These stones have been extending your circle of life in order to let you serve more. Over time, everyone, even the creations that are not worthy are being gifted with this Elixir. I am here to tell you that the wise can live with one Elixir Stone while I want the rest of the four.”

All the Masters were shocked while the Chief Master thought they would atleast be left with two stones. One of the Masters furiously shouted, “Do you really think we would let you take four stones?”

Ignoring the other Master, Orunkula looked at the Chief Master waiting for a response. While one of them ignorantly shouted, “You fool, we are as powerful as you are!”

Without waiting another moment, Orunkula created his soul twig, chanted a hex and hit the soul twig on the floor. A huge wave of black circle hit everyone around him and travelled around the entire violet Celestial Enchanter. Few moments later, the Chief Master opened his eyes to see everything destroyed while Orunkula stood still.

Walking towards the Chief Master who trembled in fear Orunkula said, “Your home is destroyed and if you will not give me what I ask for, I shall destroy the other two Celestial Enchanters too.”

Tears rolling down his eye, the Chief Master rose, gathering all his strength to walk to his throne and as he ascended the stairs, he saw most of his fellow Masters dead and few of them lying on the floor suffering in pain.

Placing his hand on the throne, he chanted a hex and a small chest appeared on the chair. Carrying it down and placing it before Orunkula, Chief Master winced in pain. Opening the chest, Orunkula could see five stones which were thin and long. Closing the chest, Orunkula held it and walked back to the azure stones.

The Chief Master thought, “There would be a ring, I shall have my revenge and you will plead for mercy!”



  1. Celestial Home: Planet with life.

  2. Creators Pact: Signed by all families in God’s Council. This pact comprises all the laws of creation written by Creator Omas.

  3. Celestial Ruby: A name for Sun amongst the races of God’s Council.

  4. Circles: Months.

  5. Derik: A weapon alike dagger but empowered with emotional power

  6. Ealix: A sweet drink made of plants to enhance the strength.

  7. Elvrin: A writer of Creator’s Omas Council famous for his works on Irwandians.

  8. Felken: Armour for chest built with a gemstone embedded.

  9. Galec: A Century.

  10. Ialec: A decade

  11. Illierns: They are blessed souls used by the Creators to serve a purpose.

  12. Jarpks: Instrument alike drums used in war and are played to instill fear in their enemies.

  13. Kalecs: Years

  14. Kulas: The last family in God’s Council, the Kulas comprise Orunkula, Irunkula and Vernakula.

  15. Laer: A type of wood that scents like jasmine flowers.

  16. Lighten: Archer

  17. Ornium: A metal silver in color and extremely strong, even the Creator cut it with magic. When souls are sealed with Ornium they live like they possess a body.

  18. Purple ring of death: Before a creation is destroyed or dead, they can using their magic create a circle of life where they can decide their future course of their soul.

  19. Rings: Days

  20. Septon’s Hall: Built in the Paradise, this hall is the landmark for all the Soul Masters to meet.

  21. Sharil: Drink made of Gerlvi leaves that tastes both sweet and sour.

  22. Soul Core: A ball of souls covered by Orinum cut off from Soul Celestial Home by Creator Omas.

  23. Soul Master: A Creator responsible to divide the Soul Core.

  24. Soul twig: A weapon like a spear but is embedded with a soul or a gemstone.

  25. Qualif: Helm with a Soul embedded into it.

  26. Verni Kingdom: Located in the Vernakulan Celestial Home. Verni kingdom is mighty province in the central continent along with Raiders.

  27. Verp: Horse with wings

  28. Wex: A sword embedded with one or many gemstones

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