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A kid troubled with his thievery confesses his actions to an old man seeking a solution.

“Guilt” by C. S. Manohar shows how any one of us can repent our mistakes & pursue to clean our conscious.

Illustrated by Renius Mercy

On a cold evening, in a lonely park, a troubled kid & an old man sat on a bench while the sky was covered with black clouds & trees hummed the tunes of nature, dancing to the tune of the winds.

“I was hungry and took an apple off the hawker’s basket as no one was watching. I was happy then but had been feeling heavy ever since. What’s troubling me?” asked the little boy to the old man.

“Ever noticed how the beautiful flowers in a garden are caged within the metal barbs? It is not their imprisonment but ours that we cannot reach them. These barbs are not always physical; they are sometimes invisible and all in mind, standing between you and your soul, the garden of fragrance. That is guilt,” answered the old man.

“But, what is it that I should do now? Should I confess or pay up to the fruit seller?”

“Apologise to him, but more importantly to yourself in sincerity: not in words, but in actions. Plant the seed of one fruit you’ve taken and nurture it with care to return a tree back in time, with interest.”





This contribution is reviewed by Edlyn ​D’souza, edited by Sreekar Ayyagari, proofread by Rajiv R Nair & illustrated by Renius Mercy.



This story is available in paperback & ebook.

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