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Hidden Bond

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Commitment only comes out of trust, and trust comes out of belief. Now belief comes out of understanding, and understanding comes out of affection. Now finally, affection is nothing but love.

“Hidden Bond” by Viswanath Perala explores this idea through a young couple trying to figure out how to work on their relationship after being separated for their higher education.


“Every sunshine either is the beginning of a new life or the end of one. Whether it is good or bad, the day starts.”

I wake as the dewdrop tickles, as it rolls over me and I feel the mild heat generated in the early hours. I am a leaf watching the whole world run against time and look at us only when there is a huge gathering for an environmental cause. Like every day, I am always looking for some fresh air, and there is a different scenario around me today.

“How can someone just make an impression on one’s life at just the first look?” he asked.

“Don’t be surprised! It is exactly like how it happened to you”, a soft voice replied in quick succession.

I do not know what exactly they are referring to, but I was curious by their words and so I was listening to their conversation keenly.

“If there is anything that I am waiting for, every second of my life it is...”

She interrupted, “Oh! Come on Raghu, do not get back to the same issue. I told you. I told you... I need time.”

“I am just saying.”

​​“No Raghu! There is something that is taunting you daily, which is making you ask me the same question every now and then. Why do you do this?”, she said, which echoed in the quiet park quite enough to let the world know what they are up to.

Raghu replied, “Okay Riya! Now let’s just stop arguing about this for now.”

She furiously said, “Stop pretending now. I am getting irritated.”

Finishing her words, she left.

I do not know what has happened here but, one thing is for sure, I definitely loved their conversation. A half-hour has elapsed and a small boy walks along with his mother and sits diagonally to me on a bench.

“Mama! Mama!” he screamed.

“What happened? Anything wrong?” the mother questioned.

Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada

“That dog... that dog is staring at me. I am so afraid.”

“It’s ok! I think it just likes you. You need not worry about the dog”, the mother told her son.

On a pleasant & fine morning like this, both the mother and son hear a person sobbing just behind a tree. They walk to see what happened and they see a girl sobbing.

“Can I help you, my dear?”, the mother asked.

When I looked at the girl, she was Riya. Though I thought she left, apparently not.

“Hey! What happened to you? Can I help you?”

“No, I am okay. Thank you.” Riya replied.

“Ok, do you need some water?”

“I need time, madam. Can you...” Riya shouted.

In the meantime, Raghu is talking to his friend about what happened...

“Dude! it’s done... she... left me… she ditched me”, he shouted in a low disheartened voice and continued, “Yes! Just now I asked for the commitment and she feels like I am pushing over her.”

“I cannot take it anymore!”, Raghu cried concluding.

I wonder what will happen to them. In this world, everything is linked with an unseen bond, untold but only felt between two people.

Meanwhile, Riya said, “He is always wanting me to promise what I am unsure of aunty!”, Riya said.

The mother inquired, “Is he wanting you to promise him that you will not leave him?”

Riya replied, “No. He wants me to give him a commitment to marriage four years from now.”

After a moment of silence, she continued, “I cannot ask my father to believe in our future of which I myself am pretty unsure of.”

The mother said, “Hmm, that is a very big decision to make. Let me think about it.”

Meanwhile, Riya spoke out of her agony, “We actually met this morning and argued on this. I don’t want to leave him, but this is very confusing.”

Looking at her, the mother said, “See dear. Commitment only comes out of trust and trust comes out of belief. Now belief comes out understanding and understanding comes out of affection. Now finally, affection is nothing but love. Speak out to him and let him hear what it is.”

Riya asked, “Do you think this is a good time to talk to him?”

The mother assured, “Oh yeah! It is. If you don’t mind, get him here and speak to him in front of me. Maybe I could try help.”

She stood up and immediately brought Raghu to the mother. Raghu just fell down to his knees in astonishment. I could not understand what happened to him and Riya immediately went to help him but before she reached the mother first reached him.

Raghu exclaimed, “Mom! You? Riya... She... is...”

While Raghu stammered, Riya asked, “Mom? What? What are you talking about?”

A moment later, Raghu finally said, “Mom, what are you doing here? I wanted to tell you but I was afraid. Mom...”

“Aunty? Your mother! Oh crap!”, Riya exclaimed.

Mother just walked away saying nothing from them right towards me and was staring at me. I, literally, could not figure out what she was feeling. However, my life has come to an end and I can see no more sunrise and sunset. I took one last breath to see if I were to remain alive and to see what happens.

“Raghu take this rose and offer her a commitment and make sure you believe in yourself before you ask her to,” Raghu’s mom said.

Raghu took the rose, went to Riya saying, “If there is anything in this world which I must take care of, it is just you. Believe me, I will never let that smile fade away. I love you!”

To which Riya replied, “Love you too.”