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Kisses & Koffee

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Some relations are so fragmented that respect, consent, space, and commitment are never even discussed, to begin with, or addressed later on. They start out of nowhere and fade into oblivion as quickly as they started, maybe because the individuals involved are clueless or do not want to ask the real questions.

“Kisses & Koffee” by Mounika Kodeboina tells the story of two girls called Kisses & Koffee who fall in love, or at least one of them thinks she did until reality strikes her. It shows how quick judgements and actions make excellent & kind people get hurt with painful memories they must carry all their lives.


Disclaimer: For ages above 18 only.

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Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada


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This novelette is co-written by Meenakumari Konada, reviewed by R. S. Chintalapati, edited by Madhulika Achanta, and photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This novelette is available in paperback & ebook.


Chapter I


“No! This cannot happen!” shouted Koffee, gobsmacked, looking at herself in the mirror. Meanwhile, her mom barged into the room to yell, “It’s already 7.30! You will miss your school!”

Koffee exited the room and picked up her lunchbox and backpack before marching towards the car. Koffee was sixteen years old and pale-skinned, but if asked to describe her, most people in the school would remember her for her long dark burgundy hair, hardworking quality and warm nature.

“Mom! Where’s my tie?” screamed Koffee’s sister. She was ten years old, smart, quirky and the youngest child in the family.

“Check inside your skirt pocket,” replied Koffee’s mother. Meanwhile, her father completed cleaning the car and was ready to drop his children at school.

“Today I am going to sit beside Papa,” said the little one, sliding her sister, while Koffee, lost in her thoughts, didn’t respond but simply sat in the back seat of the car. Waving bye to his wife, Koffee’s father asked, “So, today is your last exam, right? How did you prepare?”

“Yes, papa, today is my last exam,” replied the little one. Curling her hair with her fingers, Koffee seemed distracted thinking about the previous night. Breaking her thoughts, her father asked, looking at her face in the rear-view mirror, “What about you, Koffee? Did you revise all the important topics Kissy mentioned?”

Hearing the name Kissy, Koffee woke up jazzed, and her face turned pink. “Err… yeah… I almost covered everything, Dad,” she replied diffidently, looking outside the window.

Kissy is a twenty-year-old, 5’5, dusky-skinned, vigorous and fervent girl with shoulder-length blonde hair. She is a bachelor’s student at Axis college and works as a part-time tutor for high school students.

“All the best to both of you!” said their father as he dropped Koffee and her sister at school and waited until they walked inside the campus. He couldn’t stop thinking about Koffee while he drove to the office. He was worried that she was stressed about performing well in her exams.

The sisters parted ways in their respective classrooms. As soon as Koffee entered the classroom, the lovebirds, who were Koffee’s friends, greeted her, and the girl said, “You missed her! She came to provide a few Xerox copies which included topics that appeared in previous examinations. She waited for a while but left”.

Following her, the boy continued, “And yes, she asked for you and wished you luck.”

Koffee was overwhelmed with happiness and wanted to meet Kissy soon after she finished the exam. Meanwhile, the headmistress announced an announcement asking students to settle down to take their exams. Koffee collected her lucky pen, a water bottle, and other stationery while the lovebirds wished each other luck before wishing their friend together.

Everyone settled in their appropriate benches, and the invigilator soon started distributing question papers with attached answer sheets. Koffee received her set, and when she started looking at each question, it reminded her of Kissy.

Noticing her not writing anything while absorbed in her thoughts, the invigilator asked, tapping on the bench, “Are you not feeling well?”

“No, ma'am. I am all right,” replied Koffee before taking a sip of water.

“Focus, Koffee! You can do it!” she told herself before she started writing.

Before long, the invigilator collected everyone’s papers as the bell rang. The lovebirds suggested that they could hang out at a nearby coffee shop. They wanted to spend more time before reaching home, but Koffee declined. She said, “Not today. I have some important errands.”

Telling her sister she would be back before long, Koffee took a bus to the Town Hall. She sat beside the window, animated. She has always been a shy girl who respects her parents and lives up to their expectations by getting good grades. The girl amongst the lovebirds was her closest friend since childhood. Neither of them kept many secrets to themselves until the boy stepped in, but now there are a few things that they never shared. At least Koffee certainly didn’t.

However, many, along with her close friend, were curious as to why Koffee, a popular girl in the school with long wavy hair and brown-honey eyes, never dated anyone. For years, the lovebirds teased her that she would become a saint. Koffee used to defend herself, claiming she was waiting for her prince charming. But deep inside, she always felt a little weird when she said that. Whenever she saw the lovebirds, she dreamt of having a partner who truly loved her and swept her off her feet; at last, she might have one.

Reaching her destination, Koffee stepped off the bus and headed out to her lover’s house. She noticed the door locked from the outside when she took the elevator to the fourth floor.

She then leaves and approaches a small telephone booth. Recalling her lover's number, Koffee calls her. When she is just about to respond after hearing “Hello” from the other end, she becomes dumbstruck, and the phone drops off her hand as she sees her lover with a man on the other side of the road. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “Hello, who is this?” a sound comes from the other end of the call, and she quickly drops the phone. She frowns, watching a man with a bouquet full of red roses. Her lover Kissy disconnects the call and hugs him. After taking the flower bouquet, Kissy jumps in delight, and they go to a nearby restaurant. Heartbroken, Koffee leaves home as tears rain out of her eyes.


Chapter II


On her way back home, Koffee recalls how it all started. Two days ago, Koffee went to her tuition as always, and Kissy asked Koffee to stay back for some more time as she had much syllabus left to revise. After all the other students left, Kissy contacted Koffee’s father and informed him that she would be late for an hour or two as she had an exam the very next day, and there were a lot of syllabi left to revise. Post-call, Koffee continued studying; meanwhile, Kissy prepared coffee and food for both of them. This was nothing special, as Kissy always cared for Koffee. In the past, Koffee used to spend her weekends with Kissy watching movies and playing badminton alongside beautiful conversations. She always felt special when she was with Kissy. The way her teacher looked into her eyes made Koffee forget about everything and just pushed her, even more, to be with her. Sometimes, the love bird used to feel jealous of Kissy when Koffee bragged about her.

Today, however, something was different. Kissy locked the door from inside and sat beside Koffee on the couch bed. She grasped the book from Koffee’s hand and asked her if she had studied everything perfectly for the exam.

“Yes, almost. As you shared all the important topics, I am all set for the exam. But why did you ask me to stay back? I have already answered all the questions in the test correctly, right?” asked Koffee.

“Nothing, I just wanted to spend some time with you,” confessed Kissy before laying her hand on Koffee’s lap. She then cupped her cheeks and looked into her eyes. Koffee felt nervous and closed her eyes while Kissy kissed Koffee’s forehead. Kissy grabbed her waist and pulled her even closer. While Kissy looked at her trembling lips, Koffee surrendered her lips to her, and Kissy drove her tongue inside while Koffee set off with a moan. Kissy consumed her lips before pushing her to the couch, crossing her legs across Koffee.

The youngling couldn’t bear the intensity of pleasure while she ran her fingers through Kissy’s hair. Kissy stroked her neck with her tongue while she released the buttons of Koffee’s uniform and caressed her breasts gently. Soon both become naked, and Kissy sticks her body tightly to herself while she cradles her hips around Koffee to feel the warmth. With one hand, she grabs Koffee’s ass while she tries to envelop and rub her tits over Koffee’s face and lips. They couldn’t stop the adrenaline rush as Kissy bit her nipples and brushed her all over. They both spent the night caressing each other.

“Tring Tring!” rang the doorbell. Kissy peeped through the peephole and stood bewildered as she saw Koffee’s father at the other end of the door. She told Koffee to dress fast, as her father had come to pick her up while she began packing her books in the bag. Koffee was a bit nervous as her father had suddenly shown up without calling. After a few seconds, Kissy opened the door, covering her bangs backwards with her ear.

“I tried calling you multiple times. I was worried as there was no response and rushed immediately,” said Koffee’s father. Kissy checked her phone to see that it was in silent mode.

As she apologised, Koffee’s father asked with a smile, “So, how is my daughter studying? How much did she score on her daily test?”

“She performed well as always,” said Kissy while Koffee thanked and waved her goodbye. It was the most memorable day in Koffee’s life. That night, Koffee started realising that she liked Kissy and felt she was her girlfriend. She didn’t give a thought about consequences as her happiness had no bounds, and she slept peacefully, rewinding Kissy in her mind the whole night.

All of this stopped when the autowala shouted, “Madam! your stop has arrived.”

Koffee gave him money and turned away, sobbing. She locked herself in a room and buried her face in a pillow, wailing till the dark as if she had lost herself. Her mother knocked on the door thrice, but she didn’t allow anyone inside and just threw a response stating she wanted to study alone and was not hungry.

The next day, she woke up late after crying the whole night, which anyone could sense by noticing her eyes. Koffee’s father prepared hot tea and offered it to her.

Sitting beside her, he asked, “Are you worried about anything? Tell me, I am all ears.”

She grabbed the tea, turned the other way and said, “Nothing, Dad, I'm just worried about the exam.”

“Don’t worry, I will drop you at Kissy’s place right away. You can clarify all your doubts with her and feel confident,” suggested Koffee’s father.

“No! I don’t want to go there anymore!” bawled Koffee and left the table to lock herself in her room. Her father stood astonished, and for a moment, he could not understand what could have happened, but he didn’t want to bother Koffee. He thought of leaving her alone for some time as she might have been stressed. He then asked his wife to prepare healthy meals alongside some fruit juice and offer them to their children on time to keep them active and energised all the time.

Without having much choice, Koffee tried to focus on her studies, and whenever she felt low, she called the love bird. The very next day, Koffee’s father received a call from Kissy asking, “What happened to Koffee? She didn’t come to tuition?”

Koffee’s father replied, “She wants to study at home as she’s not feeling well and is disconnected.”

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Chapter III


A few days passed, and Koffee did well in her exams. While everyone was planning their summer vacation, the lovebirds planned to get into a programming workshop so that they could spend the summer together and acquire some practical knowledge too. They requested Koffee to join them, but she denied stating that she had some other plans. On the last day after school, they went to a nearby mall to play soccer and bowling. Later, they ordered a large pizza with coke, cracked some jokes among themselves and left for their homes.

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