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A young child is fascinated by a magician’s tricks. When offered a chance to take an item, his choice surprises everyone.

“Ownership” by C. S. Manohar tells how misguided a child could get in owing something if not shown the way.

Illustrated by Renius Mercy

Five-year-old John was celebrating his birthday & there were many things that his friends enjoyed that evening. The cake, chocolates, and soft drinks were excellent, and they all awaited their visible return gifts, but just before they took them, a magician came to the party.

Excited, they all assembled around the magician, and he cast one spell to turn his hat into a silver basket from which he removed a golden bunny. He then picked a red satin cloth and turned it into a bright spark with a kiss on the edge. From within the flame, he then removed a glowing phoenix fledgling.

He then unfurled a pack of cards, and as he rotated his magic wand, a card popped up, revealing itself to be three of red diamonds. Flipping it in the air, the magician turned it into three rubies. The children watched in awe, cheering on his every magic in wonder. When he finished, he offered all of the kids anything of their choice from his performance.

Each of them tussled for an object of their liking. But when it was John’s turn, he said with a straight face, “I want the magician.”

Intrigued, his parents asked, “Why?”

John replied, “If I have the magician, I can have all the rest anytime I want, how many times I like.”





This contribution is reviewed by Edlyn ​D’souza, edited by Sreekar Ayyagari, proofread by Rajiv R Nair & illustrated by Renius Mercy.



This story is available in paperback & ebook.

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