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Ritu’s Confession

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Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada

Like most mornings, the moment I opened my eyes, I could see the radium solar system on the ceiling. Observing the blue rings of Saturn, I picked up my phone to check the time to be 6:24. Walking on the cold marble floor, I reached the living room to find Rahul skimming through the daily Eenadu. As I turned to the kitchen, he informed, “Your coffee is waiting.” Approaching him, I could see Renisha sleeping in his lap. I kissed him on his cheek before picking up the lukewarm coffee cup on the black table. As I did, he asked, “Have you thought about her fancy dress competition? We only have a week left.” Resting on the adjacent sofa, I enquired, “I never get you. You remember her fancy dress competition but don’t even have a clue about my entrance exams.” With a smile, Rahul folded the daily, before replying, “You’re old enough to take care of yourself but she isn’t.” With a teasing smile, I enquired, “When did you wake up?” After a yawn, he replied, “You play with me before you go to sleep and she plays with me after she is done with her sleep.” With a smile, I replied, “Yet she gets kisses and I get rebuked.” Observing me, he replied, “I’m not even giving her one-tenth of what your father did for you. What are you complaining about?” Looking at Renisha asleep, I teased again, “My father didn’t play with me every morning nor did he have the time to let me sleep in his lap.” Caressing the little one, Rahul replied, “He’s a banker and I’m a software engineer. We start our days and end them at different points in time. I’m sure your evenings were rejoicing and just not television.


Observing the light blue clouds and trees dancing as the cold wind pushed them, Rahul stated, “She’s too young to comprehend what this decision could mean for her.”

Observing Rahul staring out of the window, I nodded in agreement while resting on the sofa. The view from the third-floor was always wonderful and after a moment of silence, I replied, “I agree but without savings, we can neither afford Renisha’s college admission nor buy ourselves a comfortable home. Traveling around as we planned looks difficult as well. Rahul… we have to plan for the long run.”

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