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The Cursed Son

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

A year after a wealthy industrialist allegedly committed suicide, his daughter and her husband were killed in their home. When the police approach their prime suspect, the truth is revealed before their end. Without repercussions, a living man is declared dead, and an insane amount of wealth is robbed by those condemned within the family by collaborating with government officials.

“The Cursed Son” by Krishna Phani Sharman is the story of a twisted wife and her ruthless son reaching their objective in the most gruesome and haunting way possible with no regard for their relationship with their victims.

Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada

Part I

The Maniac

On a no moon night, in Flint’s city, Elieen served supper in the dining room while informing her husband, “Jen! Dinner’s ready!”

When she heard no response, she shouted again, “Where are you?”

While walking towards the stairs that led to their bedroom, she heard water leaking from the washroom. “Hoof! I’m vexed with this man”, she said to herself as she reached the washroom to tighten the tap.

Soon, she started walking towards the bedroom by crossing the living room and everything around was unusually calm. Unable to bear this distinct silence, Elieen shouted, “Jen! Are you there?”

Midway through the stairs, Elieen could feel a liquid touching her feet. Looking down, she saw blood flowing on the steps. At once she shouted, “Jen!” before rushing to their bedroom.

When she opened the door, she could see the man she married lying at the feet of her brother resting in Jen’s rocking chair. His tooth is broken, nose smashed and with his eyes wide open, he lay on the floor dead.

Gawking at his sister for a moment, Elieen’s brother shot her on the forehead with his gun attached with a silencer. As she crashed, the lean slick man just stood up and left with no remorse or fear of being caught.

The next day, early in the morning the maid found the dead bodies and called the police. In an hour, reporters got onto the site to inform about how Richard Samwan’s only daughter was murdered in her own home and the two guards who protected her personal residence in the ten-acre estate were nowhere to be found.

Inspector John was with the forensic team as they collected fingerprints and moved the decomposing bodies. Beside him stood the maid describing how the house reeked as soon as she entered and John suspected the guards might also be dead and instructed the policemen to check the surroundings.

From how she spoke without hesitation, John didn’t suspect the maid for a moment and after taking her statement, he walked out of the mansion before a news reporter shoved her mike towards him asking, “This certainly seems like a ploy by someone against the members of Mr. Richard Samwan’s family. Last year, Mr. Richard Samwan killed himself and now his daughter was murdered. Care to comment?”

Noticing the young reporter trying her best to make a name for herself, John carelessly replied, “The investigation has just begun. It’s too early to connect any dots and jump to conclusions. If we find anything, we would definitely inform the people of the Carsaw Country.”

Leaving the ten-acre estate that was managed by fifty servants, John soon realized that he had to find the security for Elieen’s personal residence and take testimonials from the others. Thinking about this unending process of eliminating each of them as a suspect, he reached the police station located in the centre of the city.

As he walked into his room, he could see an officer waiting for him. Noticing him, he stood up and saluted before both of them settled. Realising who he was, John assured, “We will certainly find whoever killed your sister, Mr. Tinkron.”

Knowing the truth as to how the police department worked in the Carsaw Country, Trinkron replied, “Can I be a part of this investigation, Mr. John? I’ve lost two of my family members to this unknown killer and my mother and brother are all that I have right now. It would be a great help if you could rope me in for this.”

Thinking about it for a moment, John replied, “You are related to the victims, Mr Trinkron. I’m sure you are aware that we cannot involve you in the investigation. It would be against the law.”

Glancing at the middle-aged man, Trinkron suggested, “Alright, I understand the limitation but if I’m just helping without getting involved in the case as per the official record or the on-paper report. Is it acceptable?”

Presuming he wanted to bring the killer to justice, John casually stood up before saying, “Let me show you the case files...”


Part II

The Suspect

Flipping through the pages of the case, Tinkron could see the old documents where he was a suspect when his father killed himself. If not for his alibi, Tinkron would have been arrested on suspicion of killing his own father. As he continued flipping pages, he saw his lean elder brother James Samwan’s photo.

Standing beside him, John asked, “Though you and your sister were cleared of your father’s case, James is still a suspect.”

Without a moment of hesitation, Tinkron replied, “James would never hurt my sister. He loves her too dearly…”

Interrupting him, John pointed out, “If I’m not mistaken, he loved your father in the same way Tinkron and no one believes that your father killed himself.”

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