The Cursed Son

Updated: Sep 13

A year after a wealthy industrialist allegedly committed suicide, his daughter and her husband were killed in their home. When the police approach their prime suspect, the truth is revealed before their end. Without repercussions, a living man is declared dead, and an insane amount of wealth is robbed by those condemned within the family by collaborating with government officials.

“The Cursed Son” by Krishna Phani Sharman is the story of a twisted wife and her ruthless son reaching their objective in the most gruesome and haunting way possible with no regard for their relationship with their victims.



Free Access:

  1. The Maniac

Basic Access:

  1. The Suspect

  2. The Conspirator

  3. The Successor



This contribution is edited by Edlyn Dsouza & Tarun Chintam & photographed by ​Pankaj Tottada.



This short story is available in a paperback & ebook.

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