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The Tale of Three Sisters

Updated: Apr 27

In reaching our goals, is it enough that we trust in God and leave everything up to him? Or is it acceptable if we leave it with our companions? Or should we reach our goal by any evil means possible?

“The Tale of Three Sisters” by R. S. Chintalapati tells the tale of three sisters who each take one of the above paths to reach their goal and concludes with their fates narrated.



This contribution is edited by Sreekar Ayyagari & Tarun Chintam & illustrated by Sravani Dhulipala.



This flash fiction is available in paperback & ebook.

Illustrated by Sravani Dhulipala

Before Valria’s crown passed to the stewards, there were three princesses who could have adorned it. However, their doom was destined because the three sisters loved the only Prince of Stroke.

Neither of them knew that their sisters loved the same prince nor did they intend to share among themselves their affection. Maybe because they feared that the others might seek him for themselves.

The eldest of the three sisters was considered by the people to be the most gorgeous. She was an adherent believer in God and prayed every dawn with a thousand flowers. Ever since she fell in love with the prince after his royal visit, she pleaded with God to make him her husband. Though she desired him more than anything else, she was never prepared to propose her feelings.

Though the second sister was not considered as beautiful as the eldest, she was valued as a scholar. She knew that she ought to express her feelings to the prince if she intended to earn his affection. So mustering her courage, weeks after the prince’s royal visit, she wrote an epistle before ordering one of her maids to get it delivered by a messenger in secrecy.

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