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The Wanderer

Updated: Sep 12

A lonely man stuck in a routine starts listening to a voice at his home that offers him company. He is hesitant at first, but soon the voice becomes his daily companion and the only hope in his boring life. Curious to meet the person behind the voice, the man follows instructions from a book in-hopes to meet the person behind the voice. Giving up everything he has and intending to change his life once and for all, the man leaves his job and starts his journey. Meanwhile, his close friend from the office is concerned about him chasing an invisible voice.

“The Wanderer” by P. C. Ravuri is the story of a lost man and his secret admirer. While the man follows one lie after another, living a demotivated life, his secret admirer doesn’t express herself for too long until he leaves on his mad pursuit.



This contribution is edited by Edlyn Dsouza & Tarun Chintam & photographed by ​Pankaj Tottada.



This short story is available in paperback & ebook.

Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada

Part I

A Concerned Friend

On a sunny day, as soon as doctor George opened his clinic, he had a friend waiting for him. Though it has been a few weeks since he last had a patient, he pretended to be a busy man and invited her to his cabin after killing twenty minutes doing absolutely nothing.

After both of them settled, the doctor could observe that Ana was quite tense. Before he even asked her as to what happened, she mentioned, “George, I didn’t know whom else to consult. I need your help to find my friend.”

Asking her to take a deep breath, George took two cups from the shelf beside him and served coffee from the flask he carried from home every morning. Passing a cup to Ana, he mentioned, “I’ll certainly help you. Could you just tell me everything in detail and not rush through?”

Looking into the doctor’s black eyes, Ana replied, “One of my friends is missing and I cannot help but feel that he is in danger.”

George was sceptical. This was the first time Ana was reaching out to help someone. For all the time he knew her, this was the last thing he expected of her. So after tasting his sweet coffee served with milk, he asked, “Can you tell me details about your friend?”

Ana took her first sip of coffee before stating, “His name is Felix and we are colleagues. In fact, we share a cubicle at work.”

George realized this isn’t just a friend she was talking about. Ana described Felix to be unique compared to the other guys she worked with. She mentioned that he was an introvert and seldom shared his views.

Looking at her troubled oval face and ponytail, George suspected Ana might really be invested in Felix considering how she doesn’t usually care for others, let alone observe anyone around her. Meanwhile, Ana continued, “Exactly four days ago, he resigned from his job and when I asked for a reason, Felix told me he was going in search of his Senorita.”

With his eyebrows raised, George confirmed, “Isn’t that just a title to address a young lady in Spanish?”

Ana nodded in agreement. Placing his cup of coffee on the rectangular table that separated them, George tried to clarify, “So your friend left his job and is wandering in search of a girl?”

Ana nodded again. Feeling confused, George interjected, “By any chance, is he travelling to Spain?”

Ana thought about it for a moment before saying, “I’m not sure. I have come to you suspecting he is lost in his loneliness and is destroying himself.”

Taking a deep breath, George questioned, “And why do you think so?”

Looking at the doctor for a moment as he curiously waited for her answer, Ana replied, “After he left his job, I visited him at his home. He wasn’t there, so using my spare key, I entered his home and witnessed his thoughts through his wall paintings and took time to read his diary too.”

After finishing her sentence, Ana passed the diary to the doctor. Taking it, George replied, “I’m sure this might inform me more about him than he does in person. I’ll need time to comprehend his intentions.”

Ana impatiently pleaded, “Please get it done as soon as you can.”


Part II

The Suggested Book

Ana tried tracking Felix with the help of cyber police but since he wasn’t carrying his phone, they couldn’t trace him. Even trying to locate him through money vending machines didn’t help because the last time he used them, he was in the city.

Meanwhile, a few police officers checked the travel records to confirm that Felix hadn’t left the country. Every contact Ana sought told her they didn’t know where he was or where he would have gone.

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