Virgin’s Wish

Updated: Nov 28

To hope that people accept each other as they are and respect each other without being judgemental is ideal and, at times, even far from reality. As unfortunate as it sounds, people cannot help themselves from being opinionated, hypocritical and brutally honest.

“Virgin’s Wish” by Virgo tells how hoping for an ideal world is genuinely beautiful, but one must acknowledge the reality too. In a world where most adjectives seem harsh, more than anything else, self-acceptance is essential & vital.

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Oh, God! It is already 4:30 pm. I have to be there by 5:30. I will be late to meet Rohit.


Calm down. You are never late, Radha. You know that!


I know, but I still need to wrap up my work, and it will take another 15 minutes or so.


Well, if you keep worrying without wrapping it up. It might take more than 15 minutes.


You are right!


And also, that dumb ass will not be on time, so all you will end up doing is reaching before time and waiting. So take a chill pill.


You know, I don't mind waiting, but I mind being late and making the other person wait.


Clearly, it says you respect others' time more than yours.


It is not like that.


Oh, is it?


Holy God, it is 4:47


I better hurry up, Deepti.


I will see you on Monday.


Make me proud!


Shut up.

I have been waiting to meet him for two weeks now, and for this day, I have lost count. And every second felt like forever for the last two weeks, and now the time is running like a marathon when I'm late. I would have booked the cab an hour ago, had I known it would take an hour to reach my pick-up place.

Finally, the man of the need arrived. I boarded the cab and checked the time, and it was 4:55. The estimated arrival time was 5:26 pm. Hopefully, I will make it on time. I could feel the excitement in my stomach. Butterflies are what I would call them.

I couldn't wait anymore. I wanted to see him. I have missed him so much. There is something about him that makes my heart jump. He is annoying and irritating 99.99% of the time, but somehow, I can't resist him.

All this while the time was running, now it feels like it has stopped. I had to distract myself. I closed my eyes and started to imagine what the evening would be like.


Part I

The Day

I reached a beautiful resort called Golden Flames that I had been planning to visit with him for months now, and finally, I was there. Moments later, he joined too & we entered the villa, and I closed the door behind me, and he was taking a look at the place.

I couldn't resist anymore. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. For a second, he didn't respond, and that felt like forever. Before I could pull back, he kissed me passionately and sincerely.

I played with his hair, and he kissed me precisely as I wanted him to. He pulled me so close to him that the air couldn't cross through us. I lost track of time, and we broke the kiss to get some air.

And I don't know what got into me. I just ran upstairs. He followed me. For the First time, he spoke nothing. I was watching the sunset. It was beautiful. It seemed like it could rain badly. He showered me with kisses on the back of my neck.


‘Ahhh,’ I moaned.

I couldn't believe that this was actually happening. I always thought he never embraced my body due to my extra weight. That is why we haven't had any intimate moments so far. I was all wrong. He was all into me as I was and wanted this each time I wanted it.

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