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Woman: A Fairy in Disguise

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

A woman is revered as a Goddess in ancient times. But in recent times is she still a Goddess? Is she seen as an epitome to represent a nation? Is she still considered as a nation’s pride? Not anymore. Rather than perceive her as a harbinger of happiness, she is seen as an albatross in the whole world. Her life has become worse than purgatory. The beleaguered women have no ray of hope or no reason for happiness. This is an occurrence in Bihar where many female babies are killed after birth. There was a woman who always dreamt of a baby girl when she was pregnant. Later she dreamt of the baby saying that she doesn’t want to come out into this merciless world. She doesn’t want to become a burden to her family and she doesn’t want to be killed as soon as she comes into this brutal world. She didn’t want her baby to suffer, so she hanged herself the next day.

​This is the plight of many women across various parts of the world. Her life is in peril. Every minute, every second she leads a spasmodic and erratic life. Every day we come across how women suspected of infidelity are killed brutally. The world is having a heaving dearth of chivalrous men. But she never raised her voice against the brutality she undergoes. She still waits for a new scintillation to come into her life with a hope for mirth and gaiety to enter her life.

Cover Photo by Prabhath Narapareddy

But it’s high time where women have to raise their voice against these callous deeds. How long will she wait for someone to bulwark her all the time? Although these days, we see women working equally along with men in urban areas, the women in the countryside are still forbidden to decide about their life. Awareness needs to be created among these country people so that they would encourage their own creed. I remember reading an article in a magazine that said “There was an 18-year-old girl who always dreamt of her successful future but no one encouraged her. Seeing her zeal in studies and the desire to accomplish her dream, the head of the village asked her what she wanted to pursue. She said she wants to become a doctor and treat all the people of her village with the best she could. To her delight, he told her that he would make her realize her dream, but she lamented that no one in the village was with her to achieve her goal. He fought against all those people. Finally, after a long brawl, they agreed. He, along with the helping hand of all villagers, were ready to help her. Her joy knew no bounds. She worked hard to become a doctor. One fine day, she returned to her village as a doctor. She was the first girl in the village to study medicine. She thanked that village head from the core of her heart. Now she is a successful woman.”

We generally see and read many such stories about a few women who reached the pinnacle despite the unavoidable circumstances. As they say “Where there is a will there’s a way”. But it’s quite excruciating to know that women are not instigated to study even in educated families and are married off at a young age. Remember that all the humans in the world are given the freedom to realize their dreams, then why not women. Without a woman, there is no successful man, if not a crucial part she might have at least instigated him to do something. Never make her feel that she is an encumbrance to this world. It’s not required to worship her. At least treat her as a human. We need to acknowledge the unknown sacrifices which she has rendered to us.



This contribution is edited by Sreekar Ayyagari & photographed by Prabhath Narapareddy.



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