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Your Adorable Artist

Updated: Mar 6

An Artist’s Dream: Book I

The first part of An Artist’s Dream tells the story of Naina through ten incidents that changed her life, relations, perception & character. It shows how a girl in the pursuit of love makes decisions that seal her fate.

“An Adorable Artist” by Nikhila Kotni is an individual’s journey from hating hypocrites to becoming one. It conveys how a traumatised child seeks love at all costs and is willing to trade anything, including her own child.

Cover Photo by Nikhil Narayanasa


Free Access

  1. The Tale of Bitter Truth

  2. The Tale of a Lamenting Artist

  3. The Tale of a Questionnaire

Exclusive Access

  1. The Tale of a Truth-teller

  2. The Tale of a Compromiser

  3. The Tale of a Bond

  4. The Tale of a Pleader

  5. The Tale of a Hypocrite