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Abnormality with Respect to Third Person

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Suggesting people to go beyond the golden rules written by a few in the society, poet Niharika Mangavalli states “People who challenge the rules might be judged, but in time they soar!” Later, the poet even states that the challengers are the ones who understand life while learning from their choices and ideas taken in their journey.

Cover Photo by Rohit Sid

Talking about juvenile stuff, life seems to be like a roller coaster ride teaching us to expect the unexpected,

I have learned to break out and break the rule while getting past the fantasy aura to find the many stating the golden principle, “Do not break the rules and the skies are your limit!”

They warn you, “Do not break out, else you’ll be considered as a synonym for Dork!”

While assuring you, “Do not expect the unexpected, you’ll remain safe!”

If you think on your own senses and come up with life-transforming ideas, they say, “Are you insane!”

This makes you wonder what they actually meant while saying, “Drive your life”.

Nonetheless, applying your principles while being reluctant to the words of the many will teach you the rudiments of your life and if it’s worth the risk then follow the many.



This contribution has been proofread by R. K. Chamarla & photographed by Rohit Sid.

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