Au Revoir

Updated: Sep 13

Narrating the story of a lonely flower hoping to find a companion, poet Santhosh Annabattula writes about how the flower found his lover. However, as nature dictates, happiness is short-lived as his lover leaves soaring into the skies.

​In a tragic yet poetic way, the poem “Au Revoir” masterfully talks about how a lonely soul couldn’t resist but seek his lover throughout the final stage of his life.

Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada

Once there was a flower

Among many of his kind

Neither fragrant nor beautiful

But life blossomed in his spirit

Morning, noon and night

He waited with undying hope

For a companion to feel for

As time ticked in loneliness

She came from the sky above

Like a moving rainbow of colours

Weary and broken the butterfly was

She fell straight into his arms

He cared her back to health

With the warmth of a mother

He brought her back the smile

With the camaraderie of a friend

He listened to her enchanted

As she told stories of the world

He felt happiness like never before

As he came alive in her presence

With the wind back in her wings

She soared up into the sunlight

Happy and dancing the butterfly was

She charmed her way into his heart

The winds have changed course

Time rolled on with the clouds

She disappeared into the twilight

Leaving a trail of darkness behind

He looked on with a foolish hope

With every breath longing for her

All colour drained out from the world

As he sank to the depths of despair

The first rays of dawn roused him

He mustered all the spirit left

And broke away from his abode

To be blown into the wilderness

He looked for her everywhere

On earth, water and sky

He braved the sun and the rain

And slept under the stars

His search passing in vain

His strength and will failing

He drifted along with the wind

Only with blind hope by his side

Death was within reach

When he saw a silhouette

She rushed to his side

He felt warm in her lap

There was one thing left to say

For which he came all the way

He spoke, smiled and went quiet

“Au Revoir my love”





This contribution is photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This poem is available in paperback & ebook.

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