Journey to Freedom

Updated: Sep 13

Questioning anyone bound in the shackles of working their lives out, poet Santhosh Annabattula extends his hand to join him in breaking free and relishing their lives forever.

While doubting their motivation and reason, the poet asks if such an existence is worthy, especially after being gifted an extraordinary life by the Gods.

Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada

What have we become?

Cogs in the machinations of life

Puppets in controlling hands

Prisoners of our aspirations

Patients of order and restraint

Come fly with me my friend

On this journey to freedom.

When was the last time

You had time for yourself

When you stood at the brink of dawn

Against a dazzling sky and a warm sea

With the waves lapping against your feet

When you sipped a coffee

Losing yourself in the fumes of ecstasy

When you looked beyond your window

To feel the wind caressing your face

When you sang aloud uninhibited

When you danced in the rain

Splashing the water with your feet

When you followed a rainbow

When you had a date with the full moon

When you unleashed your senses

When you had all the time in the world

To walk alongside yourself

When was the last time?

When you expressed how much

You love your loved ones

When you gave a warm hug

When your hand found a friend’s shoulder

When you kissed passionately

When you apologize whole-heartedly

When you confessed your deepest secrets

When you cried your heart out

Leaning over a caring shoulder

When you experienced the feeling

Of sleeping in your mother’s lap

Of holding your father’s hand

When you lost yourself in the moment

Relishing a blissful happiness

Because life is shorter than it seems.

When was the last time my friend?

That you were just yourself

When you shed those false pretenses

When you didn’t give a damn

When you never cared about how you look

Or how you dressed and talked

When you became a child again

Following your instincts without regrets

When you took failures in a stride

When you laughed at your foolishness

When you took pride in your weaknesses

When you broke a rule just for the fun of it

When you actually enjoyed being idle

When you screamed out your resentment,

Shattering the barriers of silence.

When you last looked in the mirror,

And wondered how beautiful you are,

What an awesome creation you are!

When was the last time

You woke up a new morning and felt excited

About what the new day brings

About those new people you meet

About the new things you experience

When was the last time

You fully lived your life in the present

Come reflect with me my friend

On what we miss in life

Come fly with me my friend

On this journey to freedom!





This contribution is photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This poem is available in paperback & ebook.

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