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A lover fearing rejection expresses her feelings through her art. Conquering her fear and taking a leap of faith, she confesses her undying love and asks her soulmate about leading a life together.

Santhosh Annabattula, through the poem Metamorphosis, shows that any pursuit is only as vigorous as the belief invested in it.

Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada

A spirit is kindled within my body,

Long in waiting with an earnest hope.

Both deep and superficial at once,

It shakes me from my slumber of reality.

I become the tiny speck of dust,

Dancing in the beam of sunlight.

I become the wave of the ocean that,

Pounds its forceful fist on the shore.

I turn into the nonchalant rain cloud,

Teasing all the lands beneath with its shadow.

I drift along with the lightest of feathers,

And drop down with melting snowflakes.

Until a sober voice echoes in my head

Chiding me to steady my wandering heart

But who doesn’t fall for unbridled happiness

And the love I feel when I think about you!

How would you feel when I tell you this?

The force of it hits me hard at my insides

Doubt and fear interlace with my thoughts

I wait as moonlight stopped in its tracks,

Ready to take flight with a leap of faith

Across the darkest stretches of the night

Leaving all the questions for time to answer.





This contribution is photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This poem is available in paperback & ebook.

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