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My Life My Game

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Considering his life to be an unnamed game, poet Sreeraj Kolora mentions how it is his responsibility to sort the rules and win the game before being won over. Dealing with the idea that life is a game through “My Life My Game”, the poet tells the truth that you are either in control of your life or controlled by others.

Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada

I ask my life, why can’t I be

Why still a clue out of the blue

I can’t prowess so still a mess

I am by me, can never be you

Therefore, my life should just go through

I don’t know much so don’t ask me much

What my life has been, what it might be

What can I tell, I can’t just see

My aim’s so far yet. Still, I reach

Plunders to judge and my target to get

It’s not so hard to just connect

My heart will get, I mustn’t regret

Savour my dreams and devour my fears

At last, I take control and ask for more

It has been slow and will be so

My leaps of faith with no harness to be

To play the game with just no shame

Because once I pack I can never look back

My life’s a game and has got no name

I run my race to keep up my face

With whole my pace and fear no place

I play my game not just for fame

The prize to claim is to reach the dome

Not just a name but it is my name!

I feel so real because I run my reel

My life to cherish and ways to relish

My part to share is what I care

I am to click and present the relic

The relic to mine is the reel of mine

For all the rest not just my peers

I know the game and still, am playing

I might be none but did just tell

Because it ain’t just for me but for all to be

To play the game or just be played.



This contribution is photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This poem is available in paperback & ebook.

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