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Our Dreams?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Questioning the fundamental aspects in which all of us should introspect, poet Manognya Bethapudi through the poem “Our Dreams?” talks about how most of us have become a part of the surviving race working in the never-ending machine of money-making rather than working for our dreams to accomplish the original purpose we set forward, to begin with.

Cover Photo by Vaidurya Pratap Sahi

When did we forget our dreams?

When did we give up hope of becoming spies and adventure seekers, of becoming bike racers and storm chasers?

When did we grow up?

When did life become a ladder to climb rather than a forest to explore?

When did reality sneak upon us?

When did the discoverers and treasure hunters become desk jobs and test results?

When did happiness make way for success?

When did “they” get to decide the parameters of “our” success?

When did the snow become sludge?

When did hashtags take control of the heart and the hearth?

When did work stop being fun?

When did the blue of the sky become indigo of ink?

When did we lose hope?

When did technicolour dreams become black and white?

When did the virtual become real?

When did cynicism become our common language?

When did humans become robots?

When did “it’s complicated!” become a way of life?

When did children become a nuisance?

When did we get too busy for our parents?

When did we lose ourselves?

When will we get us back?



This contribution is photographed by Vaidurya Pratap Sahi.



This poem is available in paperback & ebook.

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