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What Do I Do?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

In moments of absolute distress, most of us question ourselves, “What do I do?” Though finding an answer is uncertain, poet Niharika Mangavalli jots the ideas she came up with, while pondering on the question. The poem “What Do I Do?” presents a sarcastic view of the poet when she introspects about what could be done.


What do I do?

Do I just need some iron to consume and get stronger?

I just need an antidote that homicide the toxic thoughts inside me!

I’m denting myself again and again; What do I do?

Should I light up my conscience with some magnesium flares?

I just want an elixir to give life to those thoughts that stimulates me!

Does radium help me in glowing as it does to itself even in darkness?

Or I might just need some laughing gas because that can put a laugh on my face!

When I couldn’t!



This contribution has been proofread by R. K. Chamarla.

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