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Whispers & Murmurs

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Two of the most frequently performed activities that are largely portrayed in a negative light are whispers and murmurs. Disrespected by many for being uttered by cowards or haters with little regard for the consequences of their actions, these activities are largely condemned.

Read “Whispers & Murmurs” by Edlyn D’souza to realise how these activities do not always necessarily fail everyone at all times but even nurture a few bonds if performed properly and cautiously.

Cover Photo by Nikhil Narayanasa

Giggling chuckles

in a kindergarten class.

“Pin drop silence!”, is the command,

as little voices on heavy breaths

are passed from one desk to another.

Hushed teenage secrets

meant for just one ear.

That of a best friend, considered special

and dear that's how we learned

to trust and confide in another.

Campus gossips

spread through wagging tongues.

Changing narratives, edited descriptions -

that’s how stories are scripted

to be sung through the words of another.

Professional accolades

often applauded on centre stage.

True competence or undeserved recognition

candidly gauged in the mumbles

that travel over shoulders about another.



This contribution won the first-runner up in the Poet’s Carnival 2021.



This contribution is photographed by Nikhil Narayanasa.



This poem is available in a paperback & ebook.

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